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The Bombardiers <BOMBA> (Recruiting!)

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“And lo, vile beasts did rise... Leaving naught in their wake but blood and ash. Sun scorches earth and boils seas... And our sins ascend unto the heavens— Three dooms to unmake all we were.”


The world begins an era of peace, the Final Days have passed, and our world remains. Yet we must always stand vigilant. Through the myriad conflicts, the war against Garlemald, and the defense against our own neighbors…  With the Terminus threat ended, we cannot simply return to the notion that our energy, our aether, or our ambitions are not still a danger to us all.


There lurks another threat to the world, one more insidious and cruel than any other. The lords of the Void, the minions of Darkness. No nation has been spared the pull and temptation of their nature; still they hide in the shadows. From ruins, tombs, and the ancient places forgotten to time, we cannot let the cancer take hold.


You need not face the night alone, brave hunter. Through the fell creatures and fetid darkness, the Bombardiers stand strong. Their arms cut against the Terminus, powers honed to strike down the Archfiends.


Stand with us,


Stand as a bulwark against the Void,


Stand amongst the Bombardiers!




The Bombardiers are a heavy roleplay free company with a focus on hunting voidsent.  We are a small free company started by a group of friends.  As our stories have taken on larger and larger events, we have decided it is necessary to open our doors to others.  We are looking to recruit a small number of people, no more than eight at this time, to begin a new adventure with our group.


Our group offers a custom rolling system focused more toward rping your character, rather than number crunching.  We offer flexible events such as bounties, social events, player made events, and more.  Attached at the end of this is our carrd so if we have captured your interest, feel free to take a look and reach out to any of our leadership should you be interested in joining.




Everyone have a great day!




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Just another bump to say that events are going strong and our few new members have settled in well!  We are still looking for two to three rpers that might enjoy our regular events.

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HAPPY PRIDE MONTH EVERYONE!  We've started a collab event with another FC and our current personal events are still going strong!  If you have any interest in joining our FC, do not hesitate to reach out!

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