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Greetings all !!!


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"Lothgar Hilat reporting for duty " 

Mercenary leader of the Eorzean Wardogs 
a hard hitting group of mercenaries who will take on any job if its for the right price!





Long time RP'er who has been playing table top rp and rp in video games for a long time the most recent being World of Warcraft i have been playing FFXIV for a year and adore the game and want to get back into the RP scene because it looks so good here in WoW i ran a Rp guild of mercs that took jobs from other players it was a lot of dun and i cant wait to reignite that spark but in FFXIV 

due to the nature of ff14 my FC is not a full time Rp guild we only Rp time to time (i would like to do it more) and its total optional and I'm looking forward to getting jobs and making more friends !

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