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Hey guys,


After a few days of consideration, I have decided to simply collect the lore instead of these tedious works. This is for my own reference for role-playing, but of you find my work helpful for your role playing experience, please use them.


You can go to the database HERE.


You may click on the first row to arranged any column in ascending or descending order.


You may search a specific terms using the browser find function (Menu > Find...), because Google Sheets search function will not work on the chart.


If you wish to contribute, feel free to pm me or send me an e-mail ([email protected]).



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Hey guys!


I was chatting with Inja Dehqon in-game. We were both discussing about character background, and I told her it would be difficult to came up with one because most lore has to be collected by doing quest.


My solution to this would be taking screenshot of all text during questing. Inha Dehqon mentioned that her way of doing it would be typing all of the text on keyboard.


This gave me an idea: 

I could release all of the images out and anyone could help me convert it into text. The purpose of picture-to-text conversion is to save space, and everyone can access to the dialogue collection. This could includes quest dialogues and, of course, it could eventually includes all dialogues in NPC interaction.


The problem is this requires a lot of work and it also requires participation of many people in orders to work with a lot of content.


There are also the question of usefulness of these dialogues collection. For me, it could help me understand Eorzea better, learning the way Eorzean speaks, and tidbits of local area lores.


Please comment on this idea (good or bad, the viability of this project, another better way to do it, etc), and your intention to participate in the project.

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It will take time and effort, but other MMOs have some kind of wiki page where quests are recorded in case somebody isn't sure where to go and what to do. It's entirely possible to do the same for ARR if people are willing to chip in with the quests they've done from different areas so it doesn't all fall on a couple of people.

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As people have said above this is a great idea and would be a fantastic resource for lore and anyone stuck on my quests.  I'd be happy to take screenies to help.  I think we would need a definite lead if you were going to do this seriously to avoid as much overlap as possible.  Tell me where to point my camera sir :D

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I was so excited I go ahead and proceed with the project.


Here is what I have done: HERE


Please do not begin the project first, it was a draft of processes to the project. Additionally, I have read a thread in FF XIV:ARR forum that mentioned the devs were well-aware of the demand of copy-paste ability on the chat windows. Since the dialogue records in the chat windows (under the event tab), it will reduce our workload significantly; that is if the feature will be available in the future.


I have also noticed that Flickr allow their users to store 1 TB of pictures. I believe that is more than enough to ignore the need for a screenshot-text conversion.


Another feature that I would like to add is the Lore Summary. We could collect a summary of usable lore for everyone to see, like how Merri does it HERE.

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