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Balmung: New RP for old characters?

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Obei Kinstar here :)


I have my 1.0 character Obei Kinstar on Balmung (originally Besaid), a few of you may know me, and I have been starting to post a comment here or there, and updated my profile today.


I really want to get involved more, with RP, FC, and to make lots of friends!


I have lots of free time right now that I can use to do extra things and would like to be a part of events and games and such, maybe even some RP outside of the game. I would love to make some deep lasting friendships, and some casual friendships too!


So I have my 1.0 char, and I had a little back story and some stuff for him, he did a few RP things in 1.0 and met a few other char that I know will be around, but I never did THAT much RP stuff because I didn't have the time back then to get involved as much as I would have liked.


#1 Will there be a lot of 1.0 char that will scrap their original stories for something new? What about race change or sex change?


#2 Is it weird when ppl play the opposite sex? I've really been thinking to play a female Miqo'te, but I'm not sure about gender bending and RP. (could I even RP a female well??)






I'm looking to join a LS, FC, and do some RP, light, medium, or heavy.


Sometimes it can be a little difficult for me to get involved and I need a push, so push me! I am friendly and mature, but know how to have fun too!


So please, if you are going to be on Balmung, and are looking for people to RP with and don't mind that I will be playing with a 1.0 character please say hi!

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Welcome back! As far as your questions go:


1. While I think most people are keeping their 1.0 characters; there are a decent amount of us who are scrapping them for new characters. Myself being one of them. 


2. It's not weird at all. I have seen a good amount of people play opposite gender characters. I play both genders, and do so pretty well, or at least I think I so :P


There is a nice linkshell page on the forums to get you started off. It kind of depends on what kind of shell you want to be a part of ^^. Good luck in your endeavors!

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I have a bunch of 1.0 characters, levels range from 1 to 20. So I don't have a huge investment in any of them. The one character that I did have an RP story for etc I have long since "benched" for various reasons.


If you wanted to re-imagine your old 1.0 character I don't see a problem with that as long as that character wasn't integral to other people's characters. 


I'm actually starting over with a new character with a whole new story. She will have been one of those that had to deal with the rebuilding of Eorzea.



As for the gender question... I think you'll find that many players and role-players play opposite gendered characters. I personally have played and role-played female characters for years, and I'm doing it again this time. It's a fun challenge and spices things up a little. Just don't dance on mailboxes in your character's smallclothes. ;)

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1- I'm keeping mine but I barely haven't played them all that much. Story will remain more or less the same, influenced by what's changed in the world during those 5 years since 1.0.


2- Like a great man once said, back in Shakespeare's days female roles on stage were played by men. If it was good enough for him, it should be good enough for you!

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1. I had two 1.0 characters. One is being remade as someone similar but different enough that it's a new character, and one is technically getting a sex change, but he had always been male, it was just the character model that had boobs :P


2. I don't find it weird at all, mostly because I do it! I have one female and one male character, and I like playing both of them. Honestly I feel more awkward playing the female character, because it's hard to not make her act like me.

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