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A C'llenger has Appeared!

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Hey everybody! I'm Silv, but since I find it easier to identify people by their main character's name, you can call me C'io (Kai-oh) too, :).


My MMO background is from everywhere, but the relevant highlights are that I played FFXI when it came out and then migrated to WoW. I never got to RP on Vana'diel because I only learned about MMO RP communities much later through other games with marked RP servers. I'm looking very forward to my second shot at being a part of an RP community in a FF MMO and even more forward to meeting and playing with all of you here! 


Although she's lacking an appearance until the next beta phase, I intend to play C'io Behkt, a Miqo'te of the Coeurl Tribe whose desert mysticism and calm manner help her guide and navigate the tempers of the motley band of ruffians she's part of. She'll get fleshed out as I find out more about the game and how you all have been playing it. A shout out to any other Coeurl tribesfolk out there! 


I sincerely hope our adventures cross paths; I look as forward to being a part of your stories as I am to have you all as part of mine, :). Thanks!

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Hello and welcome~! I almost played a Miqo'te of the Coeurl tribe O.o! but I opted for a Hellsguard Roegadyn I just really love looking like I can kill someone with my thighs if I wanted to. If you have any questions or need character feedback, feel free to ask! Hope to see you in game C:

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I have such mixed feelings about your statement! On the one hand, meeting someone already Coeurl off the bat would have been so great, but on the other, Roegadyn women are so amazing! I'm really glad they're getting representation! (And can you crush skull between thigh like sparrow egg?)


Thank you for the welcome and the offer for character feedback! I'm still figuring out the dynamic of this community, but hopefully meeting all of you will help that along, :).

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Oh my gosh that image with the antelope is so adorable! Thanks everyone! (And thanks for the pie, :D.) I'm digging more into the lore of the Miqo'te tribes and finding that they are both comprehensive and yet still very general, so I know exactly what you mean about us needing more! Since I'm intent on playing a traditionalist, it's something I'll have to work with and play by ear until I run into relevant NPCs, I guess!

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Hehe, I've actually been lurking in that discussion! (And that entire subforum, actually.) There are definitely some interesting views to be found. I'm noticing quite a lot of different styles, which is good.


I have a question: Is there a place for me to share a more robust character concept on the forum, or do I employ the wiki for that?

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The RPC has a Wiki site where folks put their character bios ^^^^ Check it out and see if that is what you're looking for. :)



However! If you want feedback before posting your stuff in a wiki, you can post in the RP Discussion forum! Or grab a mentor and shoot them a PM! :)


And that screenshot was /ages/ before we learned about naming conventions.. xDD DESTINY or something (though I do have a similar screenshot with a Drake -cough-)

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Totally ~*~DESTINY~*~! (But with a Drake too? Dramabomb~!!)


For now, I put a brief overview on the wiki here! More, obviously, when I get to meet the character for the first time in a few days, :D. (It'll be nice to finally upgrade out of Cactuar, >_>) I'll look at this Mentorship program too!

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