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[Crystal] [Balmung] Returning player looking for contacts!

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Mayhaps not just returning, per se as I've been playing again since Endwalker released but I am recently looking more into getting back out into the roleplay world of this game of which I've not been part of in a good two or three years! 


I am looking to meet a network of people to both casually RP with, or appear in their story - I've no issue playing an ally, side character or even antagonist in parts of the stories as my character can fit really any role. If you'd like a Limsan, loud mouthed Miqo'te to be a minor inconvenience either in your party or to your party, my boy can be just that! 


A bit about the character - his name is Ziuz'a Nelhah, as my name would suggest and I've been playing him for about...8 or 9 years, now? But I've been entirely absent for about the last 3 from roleplay, meaning a lot of contacts I've had and friends I've roleplayed with are either gone, or onto something new! Or may have even forgotten about the Miqo'te! Raised in Limsa, he's often known to be a dock worker, involved in bits of games of chance on the docks or in the shady pubs that line them, and lesser known to be a sellsword, skilled in the arts of hand-to-hand combat, working his treasured gunblade and even a pair of daggers in a pinch!


This does come with the nuance that he's gone through a bit of a reboot - I didn't like the direction his character had gone about two years ago when I stopped playing, and I didn't like it when I returned, so he's really an open slate at the moment. I've no foresight in mind for him or place I want him to end up, because I would much prefer to organically create his stories and goals through experiences rather than have them pre-determined. That being said, as I stated above, I would love to have him apart of your - yes, you, reader! - stories to hopefully enhance your experience. By no means am I a dungeon master, but if you need a role filled I can do my best to help fill it!


Regardless, I don't want to give too much away, nor do I have much more I'd like to say, below you can find my carrd for him - which is a WIP, which would also have my contact information...which I can also leave here as well!


If you'd like to collaborate, involve him in your story, or just say hello, please don't hesitate to contact me either via Discord, or In-Game!


Thanks for your interest and I look forward to RP'ing with you! 


Carrd - ziuzanelhah.carrd.co

Discord - PaoPao#8179.


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