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A Void Has Appeared!


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Greetings and salutations everyone!


The name I go by on here is Void but feel free to call me V or my character name Vaeril!


While I'm not particularly new to the RP scene, I am DEFINITELY new to MMORPG RPing, so I thought why not! A friend of mine gave me a small little taste of RPing on FFXIV and from what I saw I was hooked!


For MMORPGs as a whole? I'm not new to the genre and played games like ESO and SWTOR in the past, but I'm basically completely new to FFXIV. I'm a little sprout :3


My main character here goes by Vaeril Cordelia a Viera-Garlean half-blood who was sired 22 years ago in the Kingdom of Dalmasca a few years after its initial occupation by the Garlean Empire.


My homeworld is on Tonberry since that's where all of my friends are but naturally, I can do RPs on other Elemental Servers!


Thank you everyone for reading and I hope to RP with some of y'all sometime ^^



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