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Howdy ya'll!


I'm not at all new to RP in general: I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons for 15+ years, engaging in written roleplay for nearly 10 years, and RPed on WoW for about six. Yes, those years were all concurrent, not consecutive. It goes to show that writing and roleplaying are two of my passions, and gaming comes to wrap them together with a bow.


27 years on this planet, and Final Fantasy XIV is the first Final Fantasy game I've ever played. At the time of posting this, I've only been playing for six days. I've done a decent amount of questing, getting one character to 41 and three others to 20, and am having an absolute blast! However, I've yet to properly RP in game. Part of the reason why is not having a super solid grasp on the game's lore, but I know that'll change eventually. The meat of it comes down to just needing to feel it out like I did with WoW: figure out what kinds of approaches work, setting up some kind of profile for my character, discover popular RP spots, etc.


That journey of figuring out FF14 RP brought me here! I'm hoping to meet new people, make some friends, write some kick-ass stories, and see where things go from there! Feel free to approach me. I don't bite!


When it comes to RP specifics, I'm down for most things. My posting style is third-person literate/advanced literate, with the content of each post spanning between a few lines and multiple paragraphs.

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