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[Crystal + Chaos] Returning Player with 7 Characters!

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Basic Info

Louise Cloudfaun (Hyur), Astraea Vale (Viera), Cilla D'Jinn (Miqo'te), Corrin Oberon (Viera), Sofia Penumbrwyn (Roe), Takao Minori (Au Ra), Celeste Momomilka ( Elezen, my only Chaos server OC) 

Primary character: Louise Cloudfaun

Linkshells: None as of right now. I don't know how to make them yet! 

Primary RP linkshell: None as of right now. I don't know how to make them yet! 


II. RP Style

Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I can go from medium to heavy honestly! 

Views on RP combat and injuries: Absolutely okay with conflict and the like! 

Views on IC romance: Absolutely okay! But I am a slow burn writer and I need a lot of chemistry first! 

Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Fine ish... For anyone who isn't Louise! 

Views on lore: I am still in early Heavensward, but I am trying to learn as much as I can! 

Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Absolutely okay! 


III. Other Info

Country: England

Timezone: BST

Contact info: Comment! I am not comfy giving out my Discord right off the bat. 


I am heavy into FFXIV at the moment! I am mostly looking to use Louise, my midlander Hyur who swore to protect the minion known as Gesthal and often refers to herself as his royal knight. I enjoy playing as silly light hearted characters such as her, but others like Celeste, Corrin and Cilla can be quite serious too! 


I am up for anything really! I would kindly ask to refrain roleplaying with me if you're not 18+, for my own comfort! (I am 24 myself). 


Character links are below! 

Louise | Takao | Cilla | Corrin | Astraea | Sofia | Celeste

Brief summary of my characters:
Louise - As said above, a woman who made a promise to protect the royal blooded Gesthal. Lou is a Paladin with a strong thirst for knowledge and a keen wanderlust, and often finds herself very curious about beasts and species other than her own! 
Cilla - A pirate (Ninja class, but she will be a pirate in my eyes!) seeking out something her family had lost. I need to learn more lore to develop her more honestly! 
Sofia - A very enthusiastic bubbly Roe lady! Warrior class, and an absolute gentle giant! She will probably befriend you. 

Corrin - A cocky bard, and a absolute ladies man. Thinks he's the absolute heaven's gift to the world! 

Takao - A work in progress, but I can imagine him being a sort of himbo type. Drinks a lot of respecting women juice and punches things a lot. A bit of an idiot. 

Astraea - A bright scholar with a keen interest in history and learning about the world around her. I need to learn more lore to develop her more honestly! 

Celeste - This one is probably the least canon compliant, but a mysterious lady with a shady past. A motherly type, suave and cunning. White Mage... But, definitely suspicious! 

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So many choices!

What about add one more warrior there who could use some training and perhaps become a good knight as well? Fight alongside your Louise?

Let me know if my friendly Au Ra Gladiator can be of some interest to you!


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