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A quick hello. (I chose the title too soon.)

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Hello everyone. It looks like I'm back on the MMORPG scene after quite some time. In the past I've played FFXI and The Matrix Online (both around their respective launch times....long enough ago to cause some existential dread when I think too hard about it.) Most of my MMORPG experience, though, comes from a couple of years in The Secret World, before it was what it is today, which is what brings me here in a roundabout way.


I always found the most enjoyable people to game with were people in the RP community, so Roleplaying itself is something I sort of just fell into out of a desire to just have fun at the end of the day and not stress out over whatever "The Meta" is. Suffice it to say I'm very glad to find this place.


I'll be honest and say I'm a filthy casual. I sit most comfortably on the Light to Medium end of things, usually playing characters that mirror my own personality in one way or another. Currently my main is an Elezen no-nonsense healer named Silvaire (think along the lines of "Be nice to those who handle your food"). I'm not entirely sure what his entire modus operandi or raison d'être is yet, but I'm looking forward to discovering that with y'all. 


Coeurl is home, but obviously other worlds on Crystal are just an Aether jump away. Don't hesitate to give me a shout here or a tell there, especially if you may have any character building ideas to share...I'm trying to absorb all the world Lore and build accordingly but my goodness. Encyclopedia Britannica could never.





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