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Hi! IC & gameplay connections welcome


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Hello! My name is iya (EE-ah, I stylize it all lowercase) (she/they/any pronouns). I am a queer poc artist and gamer.


MMORPG background: I've played online games since I was about 11, I don't have a wide repertoire under my belt but I have many, many hours.

RP experience: I've been into making OCs for even longer than I've been a gamer. I've dabbled in various short-lived RPs--in-game, forums, Gaia, Tumblr, instant messages, etc.


Character ideas/info: I have some WoLs and some non-WoLs; You can see all the profiles I've written so far, and other details, on my carrd! :3 My mains in-game are A'pollo and Hyun, but I would really love to do stuff with any of my alts.

Generally, I just enjoy creating OC relationships, be they positive or negative, and enjoying whatever comes of it--humor, romance, drama, adult stuff, I'm quite open-minded. I do this for fun, so tbh I may lean away from excessive angst, hostility/violence, or sad endings.


What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? I want to create a greater breadth/quantity of relationships for my OCs. Across my RP attempts I've discovered that I'm quite a slow and self-conscious writer, so I tend to really flourish just casually exchanging OOC headcanons with people I vibe with. I have created whole stories and ships this way and I really enjoy it. I'd like to give RP another earnest try, though. 

I use OC relationships to inspire my art and I love drawing OC interactions the most. I like to draw little comics and concept illustrations (and R18 stuff, cough) and I love when that develops into new headcanons. 


Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? I am a lil purple haired goth living in West coast USA. I have a bachelor's degree and a full-time job with a long commute, and I do commissions for additional income; My time and spoons are limited so I may go a while without responding and I beg you not to let that hurt your feelings. Please feel free to nudge me if you think I've forgotten.

I am also getting into raiding in FFXIV, so if you need a DRK on Aether or Crystal, please invite me! 💜

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