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Hi, my name is Asher and I've been playing FFXIV on and off for a few years now. I only recently got heavily into playing it around the beginning of the pandemic but I'm not new to MMORPGS in any sense. I played Guild Wars 2 for quite a bit of time as well. 


I have quite a bit of rp experience whether it be in chat style or in prose. I tend to prefer more one on one style rps as opposed to group settings. I'm pretty shy when it comes to approaching people in game for rp and I tend to end up lurking in rp events lol. But I'm hoping that being on here might help me boost my courage a bit. 


I'm working on developing my miqo'te, Ezekiel Leo, and I have a ffxiv twitter account for him that I'm willing to share with anyone interested. It's where I post pictures of him as well as any character development questions. 


Pleased to meet you all!

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