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Introduction - Hi!

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Hi there everyone, the name is Tsagaday, I play a Male Xaela who is 29. I have been playing FFXIV for about 4 Months or so now and am just finishing up Endwalker. I have been roleplaying in general now for 10+ years and prefer a detailed thought out long term story with fleshed out plot lines with effort put forth. I am very interested in getting know some of the people in the community and look forward to getting around and roleplaying with all of the different writing styles.


I play on Mateus and tend to be on all times of day. Below is a brief backstory for my character as well as a discord. Feel free to add me.


Born and Raised in the Azim Steppe to the Bayaqud tribe. The Xaela tribe was a mighty Warband; from a young age, Tsagaday was trained by his father to serve as a member of the warrior tradition in which all men were expected to participate. He grew to become a fierce and powerful fighter, particularly with a spear.


It was with his father's harsh discipline that Tsagaday grew to resent the man, growing close to his mother as she always spoiled and coddled the boy. His father was a rough and cruel man. The fact he was the least favored in the Harem frustrated the man. Frequently taking out his rage upon his children. Tsagaday vowed that he would never become his father and looked to spread a more positive message.


On one fateful day, a raid from a rival tribe came through devastating the village he once called home. While Tsagaday and other warriors of the tribe were off on hunt they returned to their homes burned and valuables plundered. Dead were strewn through the temporary settlement. Utterly devastated Tsagaday rushed to his fire-stricken home to find his family's burned husks like corpses. Breaking down over the loss Tsagaday wandered the Steppe for weeks alone until collapsing from exhaustion. Being taken in by a kind family he was nursed back to health. Tsagaday upon his returned strength would go to pay his debt off to the family that had assisted him while he was at his lowest. With nothing left for him in the Steppe, he took to traveling the world looking for purpose after his loss.

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