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*finger guns* hello!

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alright here we go


Hi there! This is Mars, not the planet but the roleplayer. God's know how long since I last wrote in a forum, but I'm happy to give the Coalition a good ol' shot. Here's some tidbits about me!


  • 21+, GMT +8
  • Started playing FFXIV in 2018. Stormblood patch baby. Yes, I got to play the original ARR. 
  • Started roleplaying in forums when I was around 14, on and off through Discord when I was 20, then here we are after giving FFXIV RP a shot in 2021.
  • Mainly playing content on Primal but I have alts in Crystal and Materia for RP as well.
  • Fem Roe enthusiast.


As for roleplay in general, I prefer anything that's interesting, really. Mainly OC RP, but also open to NPC RP! Long-term, short-term, casual, maybe even 🔞, (almost) any RP goes as long as we find it interesting.


Last but not least, here's some of my characters that I would love to write for:


  1. Kaz Shi'gawa: Pink-haired Sunseeker. Astrologian-in-training who's also well known among his peers for being charming and easy to talk to. Sharp witted, but formal and elegant in his motions. (Carrd)
  2. Karin Nhomliyu: Blue-skinned blonde Moonkeeper. Once from the shades of Gridania's forest, she now works as a helper in Kugane's Bokairo Inn. Clumsy and soft-spoken but has a heart of gold. Her most trusted confidants include her co-workers at the Inn and her little fairy, Yui.
  3. Penelopeia "Penny" O'ithaca: Chimera-looking Plainsfolk. Loud, brash, and overall a little annoying. Nevertheless, they pride themselves with the ability to protect those they hold dear. Their wife, Ode, usually keeps an eye out for any mischief they try to start. (Tumblr)
  4. Haruto & Miyako Kishiyama: Father and daughter Raen from Sui-no-Sato. Having left their home city to pursue a dream, the pair have been travelling far and wide before eventually settling in an apartment in Ul'dah. Both are trained in the musical arts, Haruto being a trained bard and Miyako an aspiring Songbird .


OOC socials are open, feel free to ask too!


That's it, cheers!

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