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Hello hello! I'm Ayanna also around as Mavre on Adamantoise! Here's some things about me.

MMORPG background: Minimal at best. FFXIV is pretty much the first mmo I've really gotten into and had the chance to get into.

RP experience: Since I've been on the internet really! Have been properly roleplaying in online spaces for the past 10 plus years. As for roleplaying with ffxiv, less so! I've pretty much only just started testing the waters with my character and getting into the scene. 

Character ideas/info: My main character is Mavre Amaryllis, a viera woman who moonlights as a treasure hunter and restoration expert with the desired goal of bringing relics back to their respective groups for one reason or another. I've worked on her for a while but am currently in the midst of fleshing her out further for rp purposes! I also have ideas for future alts as well down the line! 

How did you learn about the coalition? I have found links for lore that have brought me to here! 

What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Medium to heavy roleplayer would probbaly be the best for me! I don't mind light roleplay, especially to get started but I love getting immersed with a character. 

Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? I'm a graphic designer so I'm often working from 9pm to 5pm est! I also draw occasionally and write more often than that. 

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