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Hey there! I'm solitonmedic, or better yet known in the game: Jules Summers. FFXIV is basically the only MMORPG I felt truly invested in.


I've been roleplaying for 15+ years, but I can't say I'm an "professional" at it. I like roleplaying for fun, writing with others and letting my characters get into trouble. Jules is my main player character and he's a Machinist with quite a knack of getting into fights, but still very endearing and lovable.


I've heard about the Coalition by name only through a FFXIV player's Tumblr blog and I've been curious. I heard about it today actually, (and signed-up today too.)


Right now, I'm trying to revitalize my love for roleplaying once again by introducing Jules everywhere I can as humanly possible. I hope you'll have him in your stories, and I hope I can be a great fit here.


Also while it's not neccessary, but you could always check out my GPose twitter and blogs if you like. I love taking pictures of my crazy Hyur. 🧡




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