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Hello~! I'm very excited to be on these forums. For some background: FFXIV is my first Final Fantasy game, and as you had guessed I got into it for the potential of character-making. Only been for a few months into FFXIV and my character has been leveling up 3 jobs simultanously (for reference, i'm still in mid-ARR.) Most my MMO experience was on Ragnarok Online, and RP'd in that fandom for a few years -- albeit canon characters instead of OCs. Actually, I've got experience RPing on Tumblr, on Google Docs (fairly recently) and on Discord servers/PM through the years -- I can consider myself rather flexible in that regard! 😊 I think I started RPing seriously around 15-16, so around 8-7 years of experience. 


Personal background: I'm 23, from South America (ESL), and I often work or look for studies. I like cute things, vintage stuff and I have a knack for weird books. I hope we can be friends~!





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