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Hello all! ≧◡≦

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Hey all!

Semi new to the game and very new to RP but decided this would be great as a character study and to hone my writing skills.  I've tried to keep my character backstory as close to the lore as possible (have only done a few hours of research into the game lore so some info might not make sense)  but very excited to get into the game and RP as a hobby.  My plan is to chronicle my journey through the eyes of my character, she keeps a journal on her at all times and going through the MSQ will serve as the basis for her journal entries, as well as her interactions with others and daily happenings in-game.


I hope to update daily (depending on my ability to play the game)


I'm looking forward to exploring the game and having interactions with new people in character! ◕ ◡ ◕

can checkout my character profile on the wiki: Here (any feedback is greatly appreciated)




2022-06-27_15-53-37-320_Arfiens FFXIV GShade 1.2.png

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