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Answers: The Final Fantasy XIV Vocal project

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In this project I would have players of Final Fantasy XIV sing the title song Answers, and compile our voices together and then place it on YouTube or wherever on the internet for the enjoyment of us and other fans of the game and the song.



I understand that this is a large and ambitious project that would require talent, and time. I myself have limited knowledge of sound programs on the computer but, I am willing to learn and take suggestions from my peers. I also know that a lot of us cannot carry a tune in a bucket, but I would try to find a way to include all who want to participate in this project.




The first question is about interest. If you are interested in this project let me know below. Let me know if you have any sort of vocal talents, like I said before, if you don't we will figure something out together.



Feel free to sent me vocal samples, it can be any song, or even spoken word (Just use your best voice)







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I will totally do this...as soon as I have some alone time to sing things into a mic. Maybe like...Thursday?


I will send something in by Thursday.


Vocal-talent-wise; nine years of musical theater, 5-7 years of vocal training, high soprano.

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