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  1. Considering that alot of the stuff these first patches are adding is stuff that was talked about being in the game even durring beta(but either didn't make it due to time or because it just wasn't important enough to get that in yet.) I could easily see this type of class being added in a patch. Then remember that Musketeer has been "on the roster" of classes we were supposed to have received even way back in 1.0. So, adding a class/job like that (which would also finally give Limsa 3 classes like the rest of the City-states) I could easily seem them sneaking it in an update since there isn't really any super secret Lore behind getting it into the game, it already is(we just can't have it as a player yet because of mechanics, not lore). Other things like Samurai/Ninja/Dark Knight/ etc. would require a new set of lore behind why we haven't seen anyone wielding it yet, maybe even a whole new region of Hydaelyn to explore. I can see needing an expansion for big updates to lore like that, but for something that is all around us already(especially in Limsa) I don't see them needing to wait for an expansion to throw that bone to us.
  2. until they go full SAO with games anything other than a normal controller/keyboard will be nothing more than gimick. It's fun for about the first ten seconds, then it gets to be more annoying than anything else. The only time I found this to be different is with the light guns from arcades being adopted for console shooters. (and even then it would be gimiky for the more control heavy games that aren't just move forward>shoot>duck>shoot>move forward. ) For the most part, I found it gimmicky, but then you have games like Metroid Prime 3 that made great use of motion control - albeit as a "pointer." When it comes to first-person shooters, I found the Nunchuck/Wii Remote combo second only to mouse/keyboard. I guess when they make one that doesn't spaz out sometimes because you aimed at something on the very edge of the screen(which depending your setup could be the edge of the tiny sensor bar) I wont mind it as much. But nothing worse than dieing because someone is shooting you and the motion controlled aiming wont let you target what any other aiming system would have.
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    We could take whatever Character Yoshi P. is playing and make that the hero
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    All that said, it's my experience with MMOs that the "end" part of the story is not considered to have occurred until the story progresses to the next plot point (in a patch or expansion). So for RP purposes, the Garleans should still have a very strong hold on Eorzea, until such a time as the main scenario progresses past the point of the CM plot. As far as I can tell for RP purposes it would even be odd for events much beyond Ifrit story(maybe titan) to have occurred, much less that they would be very common knowledge. The time that would have elapsed between the "return" and those fights would have to be progressing very quickly for them to have occurred already. Should they have occurred, it would still be odd for many people to have heard about it without some sort of serious movement. (Frankly though I have issues with much in the way of the primal defeats happening by anything other than "some hero" or by another group such like the one that beat titan (i forget their group name)). And for any of these big events to have occurred without some sort of serious press on the matter throughout the entire community would be very odd. This also has some implications on anyone who would want to play a summoner(based on the summoner lore) because they would clearly have needed to be apart of some large raiding party, and considering the power of Garuda to prevent entry to her area they would need to have some IC means of reaching the primal. At least regarding other Jobs they are not so closely tied to story progression, so alot of those can be sort of worked around in some way or another. I suppose you could have the primals being summoned alot more frequently, but then the events of the main plot line may as well be mostly thrown out with the exception of the Garleans specific points. And the "hero" would need to be tossed out completely as a plot point by the community, meaning that at any point where a grand hero(group there of) that did X, Y or Z no longer exists and it was just random adventurer unit 27 that will do the work of taking down things like CM and any such Garleans along the way. ((end rant here before I drag on ))
  5. He also says that he can't explain how the monk is doing it. So I kinda threw his definition of it out the window as the standard "scientist trying to explain the unscientific to make themselves feel better"
  6. I haven't found anything regarding color or such(or even proper names) for the different levels of chakra while playing my monk. However, I can say that the different levels are opened by gaining a certain(though unspecified) level of Aether within the body. While the skills you learn are skills from the Fist of Rhalgar sect of monks, there very well could be other secs that have trained and learned to use the chakra gates for something less destructive.
  7. I would say that each group has a single Nuhn per hunting ground. I say this mainly because of the fact that the #1 way to become a nuhn is to defeat THE current nuhn. This tells me that each group has a single chosen Nuhn for that hunting ground. Now if the tribe is more mobile than what we see from the U tribe NPCs I suppose two or three groups could travel in close enough proximity to one another than females could move between the groups some what fluidly. However, for the most part I would guess that tribes "set up shop" like the U tribe NPCs appear to have. This would mean that they stay put in the hunting ground and as they grow a potential nuhn will take up the task of spreading out and claiming a near by area (though that could mean something as far as 30-50 miles away) as a new breading ground and take nuhn status. But it would be odd for any Tias to move between groups unless they think that the other groups nuhn is weaker(and they can win easier) than their groups nuhn. However, this could be seen as weak/cowardly since they are avoiding battle with their own nuhn. (such challenges may also not be accepted on the grounds that the Tia is not of their group, but this is just speculation.) Onto the dispersion of 10-50 females per nuhn. Figure in what is likely 4-7 Tia in that group(based on birth rate) and you are talking about potentially 60ish people and any pets/livestock that need to be fed off a single hunting ground. I would imagine that food is at least a little scarce and feeding groups much larger than 100 people on of one hunting ground could be very difficult. (unless the tribe takes up farming, which just seems odd for most Miqo'te tribe for some reason) So this tells me that with the exception of a few groups that MAY have two nuhns who can get along well enough to share females in the breeding pool, most groups will probably start sending Tia out to find a new breeding ground when they get close to 50 females per nuhn. I would then guess that the lucky Tia who secures such a hunting ground for the tribe would be granted a set of 10ish females to go set up the new "chapter" of the tribe. and with that the original group lessens their load of mouths to feed while the tribe gains more ground and strength.
  8. hmmm, well at the least it shows they have done the animations for a character wielding a gun. That+ the musketeer guild already existing, maybe it means musketeer isn't far away?
  9. So, I think they let something slip in the new promo . Anyone else get the sneaking suspicion from this that we are finally going to get our musketeer guild?
  10. until they go full SAO with games anything other than a normal controller/keyboard will be nothing more than gimick. It's fun for about the first ten seconds, then it gets to be more annoying than anything else. The only time I found this to be different is with the light guns from arcades being adopted for console shooters. (and even then it would be gimiky for the more control heavy games that aren't just move forward>shoot>duck>shoot>move forward. )
  11. General rule of thumb, if they are speaking in /say then it is free game! (though if it sounds private you can always send them a /tell asking if they mind you jumping in on the fun. Usually unless it really is a very private moment(why it would be in say I dunno) most people don't mind walk up adds to the RP)
  12. Tell me I'm seeing things! @ 5:22 it appears a player is firing a GUN! YES! if you stop at 5:20 and look on the right of the screen there is someone in a gunner pose! then BANG! The third pic is a moment after the second Also, from the looks of it in the Vid the gunner may be using his Limit. Also, the character moves a bit after(hard to get a good screen cap) but it appears that gunner will have a sword in the off hand!
  13. How so? I think it quite appropriate considering they study the plantlife and where/how it can be collected. Botany) noun the scientifics study of plant, including their physiology, structure, genetics, ecology, distribution, classification, and economic importance. the plant life of a particular region, habitat, or geological period:
  14. yay Log Horizon fans! You may knee the strange man in the face.
  15. Clan) a group of close-knit and interrelated families (esp. associated with families in the Scottish Highlands). synonyms: group of families, sept; family, house, dynasty, tribe; Tribe) a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader. "indigenous Indian tribes" synonyms: ethnic group, people, band, nation; More family, dynasty, house, clan, sept "nomadic tribes of the Sahara" (in ancient Rome) each of several political divisions, originally three, later thirty, ultimately thirty-five. synonyms: ethnic group, people, band, nation; More family, dynasty, house, clan, sept "nomadic tribes of the Sahara" informal a large number of people or animals. 2. Biology a taxonomic category that ranks above genus and below family or subfamily, usually ending in -ini (in zoology) or -eae (in botany). _________________________________________________ Based on the definitions I would Argue that while the words are technically interchangeable, Tribe is more suited to seekers because of the large size of their groups. However, Keepers are supposed to keep to relatively small family groups and as such would fit into the idea of a clan more. Also of note: The character creator says to pick your "clan" no matter what race you choose, so I don't think that is any implication on lore.
  16. An idea occurs to me(if it hasn't already been done) It would be cool to gather all of the NPC names in different regions and mark what tribe they are from. It could make a nice map of Known regions for the tribes (or at least where some of their members have taken to living).
  17. As to the second letter being added to a clan, that is in referance to a Tia who goes off and founds their own Tribe. They would use the original Tribe letter(but because they did not earn their own branch tribe) They would have to add a second letter to their name to signify the NEW tribe. So if say Y'shtola tia wanted to become a nuhn and didn't want to do the hard work of securing a new hunting ground they could split off with any willing females and start their own tribe. This tribe would then have two letters in front of their name starting with Y and the letter of the new Nuhn's choosing. So, Say Y'shtola really likes the letter U (for whatever odd reason you can think of) they would then pick to have their new tribe be named Yu'xxxxx. However, if the Tia (Y'shtola) does some exemplary work and gains control of a new hunting ground for the Tribe they would be granted Nuhn status and the rights to that land for their own sub-set of the tribe. This would mean that they get to have their own tribe AND get to keep their name as is without adding a second letter. Another important point from the Lore forums is that these new tribes are often very short lived. So while they may stick around for a generation or two, they generally dye off before they can become large enough to continue the new double letter line. (My theory on this is that even if the females do stick around, the low male birth rate may mean that the new Nuhn never has a male heir, and thus the clan dies with them. Or they have one male heir, but that male never has a male child. )
  18. On the note of "Gear grind" EC (while I don't always agree with them, or their supporters) touches on the gambling/completion compulsion MMOs have run on in that way for an age. My problem isn't grinding for gear, heavens only know howmany times I've run bray for gear. But when I run bray for gear I know 2 things: 1) they will drop within 40 runs at least once. 2) the gear will be useful for more than looking pretty when I do get it. When you grind for Darkhold gear you know this: 1) the gear will maybe drop within 60 runs, if ever. 2) the gear will be completely pointless for any battle (with the exception of the tops) almost the second you get it. THAT is my issue here, the gear is nothing but pretty and the odds of getting it without paying through the nose are astronomical! That is way too much of a pain to get something that you can only really rationalize wearing in the cities or when doing lower level dungeon that will cap the gear anyway. (also, ok you grind the crafting for AF gear, but that gear is actually USEFUL for that class when you get it. )
  19. Maybe so, but still to give you a dungeon that only unlocks 1 level before your job quest which gives you clearly better gear is the same as saying "this gear was meant for looks only if you don't care about that don't even bother with this dungeon." And when you make gear that is that blatantly just a vanity Item, for what ever game mechanic reason, the items shouldn't be nigh on impossible to get. I could understand if it was like a primal weapon or some such where it may not be useful after your relic, but it is still trophy to say "hey look what I did!" But this gear doesn't even denote that kind of achievement, maybe an achievement of how many hours you lost to a single dungeon(or how much gil you blew on it all). I just think that such an obvious set up of so many gear sets is clearly either a poor choice for the level to unlock it, or a big fat you can see that it exists but no gear for you! Either of those just tick me off to no end(especially when I have done that dungeon at least 50 times and not once seen the buccaneer set. That means to even see the set, much less get it I may need to run a single dungeon 100 times that doesn't even offer any other real reward)
  20. So, I don't know if it bugs anyone else as much as it does me but I need to vent! Why does the gear from Dzemal Darkhold contain gear which can only be classified as Vanity gear since it is almost entirely useless after level only 1 level of use(assuming you get any of the gear before you level). On top of that, this gear has incredibly low drop rate, to the point that I have never even seen a piece of the buccaneer set, ever. I just think that is SE is going to make 4 sets of gear (5 if you count the mage and melee coliseum gear as separate sets) drop from a single dungeon when it will be only good for one level or just to look pretty. ERK! ok, rant done.
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    For those looking for more discusion/info on Miqo'te naming I present this little tid bit of fun: Loremonger discussion From this bit, I think it would be safe for anyone wanting to make their own extra lore friendly Miqo'te family name to use the naming conventions of tribal groups such as Native Americans and aborigines of Australia. @burning Passion Regarding Roe naming, While Hellsguard do use translated names, they will still have a name from the same scheme as Seawolves. They will just be less likely to start by introducing themselves with their "true name" and instead be far more comfortable with giving a translated one. The translated name being the two words that make up their first name in the old language, dropping their family name entirely. So burning passion would have a real first name made up of something along the lines of: Fyr= fire hezz=hot wall=boil Abyl=Rage Zirn=fury/furious Aerg=ambitious pfrew=joy toum=dream And that is from the list of Known Roe words, so a combination of them like, Zirntoum could be made a rough translation that would equal furious dream(or miss translated as burning passion as it would be /close enough/)
  22. New egg is good, also I use Tiger direct(as they have a physical store near me). But possibly more important for self builds than the store you get it from is the brand you buy. Just remember that to a certain degree with computer parts you get what you pay for in self builds (so if there are 6 brands and two cost 1/4 the price, I probably wouldn't recommend those unless it is a black Friday sale or something ) A couple tips I would have is to build around your motherboard/CPU as those are the two parts that will need to be specifically compatible. (the CPU pin # has to match what the MB supports or you just wasted between $150-$1000) Ram is a little more easy to work with as most MBs will have the latest slots, but it's always good to check. Video card: triple check you slot type before you buy. Your MB will likely have a couple free card slots(better MBs may have alot more) Pick the one that best suits your needs and then find the graphics card that uses that slot. (also, graphics card companies websites do a decent job of helping you decided which card is right for you.) IMPORTANT! Power supply: Plan your system out ahead of time and check how much power you will need. I personally recommend a 500-700wat power supply(ps) Unless you are planing to use alot of power heavy fans/cards you shouldn't need more than 700wats. (but again check just to be sure.) aside from that, there will be a Motherboard size (Full ATX, ATX, mini ATX etc.) make sure your case supports your MB size, or you will have alot of fun trying to make it fit if there is anything else I can help with let me know ^.^ I may be a little rusty, but I can usually figure most things out with a little quick refresher Google search.
  23. Yay another Roegadame for our ranks! Welcome back ^.^
  24. Yay, more pretty art from Xene ^.^ always such a treat to look at.
  25. Can't wait Salty ^.^ Also, the Rumor section is now open in Lubs Wiki. Should any of you happen to meet her, or hear a rumor about her in game, feel free drop your rumor about her there Lubblyss Wiki
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