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[Crystal] Devoutly religious Xaela girl probably views you as a literal God, wants to be friends with you anyway

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Hi all! I'm looking for some new potential friends and contacts for my Xaela. I'm mostly just searching for long-term connections, whether they be just slice of life, or larger narratives that bring about big character development over time :D. I'm an experienced roleplayer whos been at it for many years, and I'm 21+ if that matters to you as well. I like writing longer, detailed emotes that often end up to be a couple of paragraphs. I'm okay with all themes you may want to explore too, whether light-hearted or dark. Romance included, though her religious beliefs may get in the way of that, I'm open to development in that regard. She prefers women. Here's my Carrd! I suggest giving it a lookover if you're interested. If you are, you can poke me about this on my discord, Natty#5120

Hope to hear from you!

Quick Bio: 

The Tulaan believe in a strict hierarchy of souls. Some life is simply more significant and valuable than others. Every eleventh child born into the Tulaan tribe is believed to be cursed, lacking the fundamental traits in the soul that make a human being a human being. Khori Tulaan, despite her well-meaning disposition, was one of these children. Raised with the belief that being human will forever be an unattainable mark of greatness for her, this eccentric Xaela regards all the humans she’s surrounded by with unrivaled adoration and idolization. Every individual woman and man a true divinity, a deity worthy of following and being devoted to with surprising religious fervor no matter how humble their lives seem to be. A mere beast walking in a world of the gods she reveres, Khori often finds herself without food, lodgings, or material possessions despite her considerable talent in conjury. Much of her time and resources are spent making herself useful for those deemed infinitely more important. All gil is given freely, and much of her time is spent on tasks that random deities need doing. These beliefs play a large part in defining Khori's interactions and relationships with others. The wills of divine humans are not to be lightly defied. The xaela regularly finds herself getting into trouble on behalf of strangers as a result, as her saying no to a person is a blasphemy that almost never occurs.


Khori's wanderlust has only recently spurred her on to wander Eorzea, aiding and paying tribute to any person she’s able to. Despite her views of her own subhuman status, Khori has turned out to be a fearsome, nature-wielding combatant, and whenever the Xaela has time to herself away from these duties, it’s often spent honing her prowess in blue magic and hunting alike. Much of the humans’ ways are confusing and unknown, but Khori’s curious nature means she’s always excited to learn more about them, and so seeking brand new experiences within this new society is something she loves doing as well when she gets the chance.




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