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Hello~ everyone!

I’m Sy’rath, or just Sy’ if you are feeling friendly. ☆〜

I’m fairly new to the FFXIV RP world but I’ve been super interested in it after I got invited to my first IC venue! I’m still shy and not at all sturdy on my RP sea legs but I’m not gonna let that stop me!


I would love to know of some good, or even bad, venues or spots that serve food and/or drinks in a restaurant or bar setting. Preferably with a menu card as I think they are super cool and help add to the feel!


I’m hoping to get Sy’ to go around experiencing the tastes of Eorzea as I figure out my in game rp style~


*I have done other RP on games like ARK but never seriously. So, I’m hoping to up my game so to speak.


Any who, Nice to meet you all! \(^ω^)


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