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[Balmung] Bunboi looking for RP

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Basic Info


Sharmont Ornedwesfv [Balmung/Crystal] - RP Character/Alt, character bio in the Wiki

Chiran Inaka [Siren/Aether] - Main character, not used for RP


None as of yet, will be edited later

Primary RP Linkshell:

None yet

RP Style:

Amount of RP:

Depends on the day and how I feel, honestly.  Sometimes light-med, sometimes med-heavy.

Views On:

  • Combat RP: Not OK
  • IC Romance: OK
  • Non-romantic RP: OK
  • Lore: Fine with lore bends, but prefer to stay within canon lore.
  • Alternative Chat Channels (/party, /tell, linkshell, etc.): OK

About The Roleplayer

Hello, the name is Lck0ut (That is a zero, not an o). I live in the USA, and am in the CDT Timezone. Between work, college, and the desire to progress on my main, the time I spend playing as Sharmont is going to be sporadic and hard to plan in advance. If I'm not engaged in a roleplay scenario, you can usually find me running around either crafting or gathering when I am playing as Sharmont.

Outside of RP, I do enjoy wasting time farming in Eureka, raiding, and exploring what the game has to offer. If you see me running around on either of my characters, feel free to say hi.

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