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Oh hai thar.

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Hello there, just your friendly neighborhood aspiring Indie Game designer/Forum roleplayer taking a look around.


I'd say the longest running  MMO's I've stuck around in Star Wars Galaxy and ToR, Mabinogi/Vindicutus, And Phantasy star online games. I typically prefer Sci Fi and primarily more action-oriented stuff but sometimes I make an exception for the traditional Fantasy scheme of things.


As I said, most of my RPing experience comes from years of fourm based post-by-post roleplays. I don't have much in-game RP experience, I was somewhat aware of it in in my time on Galaxies but never got involved in it. But currently I'm involved in a small little in-game community on PSO2.  Soo I'm gettin there . . .


Alas, I know next to nothing bout the game; I haven't even played a final fantasy game at all before. That said small PSO2 community had been talking alot about FFXIV lately, so I decided to pop in and see whats the fuss all about. Hope be imtriguged with today's beta.


I'm not even sure what questions I want to ask this point, so I'll cut it off here before I start to get too wordy.:dazed: Hope I'll have a clear idea on what kind of questions to ask soon.

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