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Another Newcomer!

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Hello everyone, my name is Skye.. let's forgot the "Lar" for now to make things easier :P


I have been roleplaying for 3-4 years now, and have been waiting for A Realm Reborn for quite some time now, so judging by the release date getting closer and closer, I thought I'd introduce myself, so, nice to meet you all!


I have been spying on these forums for quite some time now, because I really couldn't decide which server to play on, out of the two shown here, I'll admit I was one of the people put off from joining a Legacy server, nothing against anyone on there of course, I guess I just wanted the "New adventure" feeling, you know?


But I just read the thread about the two servers and someone said, "Even if the higher levels are near you, they will be shot down to your level if they want to do anything", which gave me a little smile to the decision, which I have decided to go with Balmung, I have read a lot of Legacy players posts on here, and you all seem like you're more than happy to welcome newcomers, so everyone else that's going there, I hope to keep in touch on this site, and am excited to meet you all IC upon release!

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Greetings and welcome to the RPC.


Also welcome to Balmung and we will work very hard to show you that it is true we want to welcome you and make you feel a part of the community!


We would love to hear more about your character idea!


If you have questions please just ask us about anything!




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Welcome to the RPC! I hope you have fun here and feel free to ask questions, everyone is more than willing to help you out!


If it helps you out, I am a legacy member, but I am starting a fresh character on Balmung. I don't think Legacy or non-Legacy members will have any problem going to either server as everyone will want to play with eah other, regardless of level. You character can have legacy members to look up to, as well as giving Legacy members the support like new recruits to a club. As I am putting my Legacy character of a non-roleplay server, I feel pretty confident starting on Balmung as a fresh character. :D

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Welcome to the RPC forums Skye! It's great to have you here and we hope you enjoy your time here. I'm going to have a character on Balmung so I hope to meet you ic one day. Anyway it's pleasure to make your acquaintance Skye, hope you have fun not only here but in game as well.

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