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Hey, everyone! You can call me Faeran, which is also the name of my main character in-game. I'm an avid gamer and roleplayer which three years of experience in WoW, and about another year or so of experience in various other MMOs including Guild Wars 2 and City of Heroes / Villains (RIP.) My first MMO was Star Wars Galaxies, but sadly, I was too young to understand how to play that game, much less roleplay in it!


My main character, Faeran, is an Elezen ex-coliseum fighter now turning to the only life he has the skills for - adventuring. I look forward to RPing in the release and getting to know the community, and I would love to start up some RP over forums or private messages if anyone's interested! 


I can't wait to start getting involved!

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Hihi! How's it going? You look like a fine specimen of Eleze- Er.. sorry, distracted... Um, let me start again.


Hi! Welcome to the RPC~ If you have any lore questions, feel free to hit us up, or go take a look at Merri's sum-up of the 1.0 storyline.. The official lore forums also have some nice tidbits. For everything else we have THIS guide and helpful members scattered about, ready to offer guidance!

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