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CANCELLED: CTPA Arts & Crafts Charity Contest

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*This event has been cancelled but may be rescheduled at a future time*


Dear Great Adventurer of Eorzea,


You are humbly invited to attend the 1st ever annual Arts & Crafts Charity Contest, hosted by the Cute Things Protection Agency (CTPA).


Come and show us your artistic and crafty talents. This year's theme is "Wildlife of Eorzea". Everyone is welcome, even those not artistically inclined. Come have some fun, socialize, and express yourself! All proceeds will be donated to the CTPA Wildlife Preservation Fund.


LOCATION: Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre, Gridania. 


  • Check in with the attendant at the amphitheatre gate to provide your entry fee.
  • 500 gil entry fee includes arts and craft supplies.
  • Provided supplies include: paint and small canvases, clay, wood and carving tools, or small stones and chisels. You are also welcome to bring your own supplies for other mediums.
  • Prizes will be given for: Most Creative Entry, Most Humorous Entry, and the coveted Gold Star for Effort Award.
  • Due to reservation restrictions of the venue, confidence-boosting "spirits" are provided on a BYOB basis only.


-Discounted/waived entry fee available for event volunteers or the unemployed. Please contact the CTPA for more information.


[align=center]We look forward to seeing you there![/align]



OOC Information:


This event is meant to be a low-key, fun practice RP event to help you interact with other players and flesh out your characters. Since we are still in closed beta, all interactions are considered non-binding. Feel free to bring any character. This is about having fun and practicing.





  • Server= Balmung
  • Time= 12:00-1:00pm PST, Saturday, July 13th.
  • All gil and craft items are IC only. No need to transfer in-game funds or items.
  • All crafts are meant to be pantomimed. Be creative with your descriptions!
  • RSVP in the comments below with your character name and we will send you an invite to the CTPA Linkshell on the day of the event. The linkshell will be used primarily by event organizers as a PA system and for everyone to ask OOC questions about the event (please use parenthesis and keep it to a minimum). At the end of the event, the linkshell will be dissolved.
  • We will be separating people into small parties upon arrival for role-play chat while crafting to avoid chat box cluttering. The check-in attendant will be Spy'li Nmolo.
  • Judges will be making rounds the rounds a short while after arrival. Interaction with judges will be conducted via tells. When you are addressed by a judge simply describe in a short sentence or two what you have created (please keep it short in case we have a lot of participants). Winners will be given a chance to explain their creations to the CTPA linkshell at the end. 



[align=left]VOLUNTEERS: Let us know in your RSVP if you'd like to RP as a judge. If so, please show up to the event 15-30 minutes early.


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