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How did you do it?


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So I have a question for the masses. This is mostly for the people RPing a time jumper, HOWEVER, if you're a none time jumper and you have an opinion/idea/comment/ anything else you might want to add. Please post, your words feed my plot for world domination. :D


Anywho. My question.


So your character is in the battle of Carteneau watching Bahamut throw an apocalypse size hissy fit. They are probably thinking they are about to die, then there is a flash of blue and suddenly there is no longer death, destruction, or the oh so distinctive smell of burnt ... uhh ... everything.


So how does your character react. Or the better question how will you RPs the reaction? Do they know they time jumped? Will they panic when the first reappear? When someone tells them it's 1577 will they believe them? 


For Dustyn when she first reappeared in a field outside Gridania. Elkabong's character came up behind her and she shot him ... twice. And then she passed out from her injuries.  She is now having a hard time believing she is missing five years of time, only having a strangers word to go by.



Ok I hope this question made sense ... I tend to ramble incoherently and it probably doesn't help that I took sleepy time drugs about 15 minutes ago. Mmm sleep.

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Personally, it's probably for the best that Mali was already half-conscious and bleeding out from the battle when she was time warped, otherwise she probably would have had the same reaction as Dustyn to whoever came up to her...but with an axe to the head instead of a few arrows.


Mali also has/had a hard time believing things at first, but a few hours of wandering around would probably change her mind. World be f*cked up, yo.


And yes, your question made perfect sense. But then I'm kind of crazy, so...

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