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Can't decide on a race/Other things

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I've been trying working on Keru's backstory and I have no idea what race I want him to be, I've been playing as a Miqo'te on other servers but I'm still not decided, I want to try him as a Hyur but I have no clue how that will work out. Anyone have input that could help me decide.


I've also had the image of twins on the brain and I have no clue why and it makes me want to play with the character creation.


Any ideas and tips will be appreciated.

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Do you have a rough character background and personality in mind? That always helps me decide what race a character should be.


One nice thing about hyur is that, per the devs, they have no real cultural identity, so they can pretty much have whatever background and personality you want (within reason :) ). Of course, you can do that with any race, but most of them also have some lore about their traditional practices which should be accounted for in your characters' life. Miqo'te, for instance, have some pretty specific traditional cultural practices that every miqo'te PC, IMO, should have a fairly strong opinion about.


Also, hyur seem to be slightly less common than miqo'te among RPers on this site, so you're likely to see fewer of them if that influences your decision.

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if you want some help deciding based on the naming convention Lore here is a good link. FFXIV Lore


to make it simple.


Hyur = Anglo Saxon, Celtic, and Briton (midlander)

Germanic or Normandic (highlander)


Elzen= French


Miqu'te= complex naming Lore (I have had alot of fun playing with name creation for this)


Lalafell = Rhyming/rhythm


Roegadyn= (best i can tell) Old Englishy


if you have some kind of back story that could help alot with thinking of Ideas for you, also what class do you want to play as? that can help push you twords one race or another as well.

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