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Sharing a Drink Under the Canopy [Open]

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((Hey folks!  Originally this thread's intent is to get reacquainted with some RP friends recently rediscovered that I've not had the pleasure of rping with for quite a while, but as I'm always eager to meet and rp with new people, if you'd like to cast your lot, by all means!))



"So let me get this straight, you came to Gridania to convince the Wood Wailers and Gods' Quiver to use you as a target dummy for their training regimen?"  Mother Miounne couldn't help the amusement that curled the edge of her lips as she shot a level gaze to the silvery haired gentleman standing across the counter top to her.



"Well...it sounds daft when you say it that way.  Ahem..."  He cleared his throat and took a breath, suppressing the laugh that came naturally to the absurdity of her claim.  "I am offering myself as a training tool to help their brave and noble members perfect their skills while I ask for nothing in return.  Any experience taking a strike or fending off another is a welcome experience."  He flashed a quick grin while reaching over to grab the two mugs of whatever they had decided to give him when he simply asked for two mugs of the 'local special'.



Miounne couldn't help the stifled laugh that slipped past her lithe fingers covering her lips.  "You realize how hard it is to believe that looking the way you do?"



Jeris Guillford gave a look of disbelief, teasing as it was.  "I don't know what you mean.  Clearly the wood wailers took me up on the offer."  He lifted the mugs to her with a nod and a grin.  "And folks say they can be unkind to outsiders!"



Turning from the bar, he made his way to a nearby vacant table, sitting the mugs down and carefully easing himself into a chair.  He wore a simple wool tunic, his armor carefully stored away in the room he had rented at the Carline Canopy, but from head to toe (wherever it was visible that is) he was covered in off-white linen bandages, all the way up to his jawline with a few strips about his brow and nose.  The faint blue streak of a tattoo peaked out from the side of his cheek, with a faint grey hint of a beard beginning to take shape along his jawline.  He was older than many of the adventurers he'd come across, but aside from the long silvery hair pulled into a ponytail and the hint of white hair filling in the recently shaved sides of his head that matched his 5 o'clock shadow, he held a distinguished youthfulness in his features.



Not that any of that would stop the teasing from some of his peers back in Ul'dah.  Far too many hot heads join the Gladiators with far too much confidence and a severe lack of tenacity to back it up.  In fact, it was that unwavering tenacity that earned him the nick name 'the Iron Blooded.'  His graying hair had been the source of many jokes at his expense, but it quickly became a symbol for just how tough he had been.  After even the most furious assault, it was rare for him to be brought low, as if his very veins were made of iron.



That was Ul'dah however.  He'd gained that toughness by doing exactly what he hoped to do here with the Pugilists guild.  It was an agonizing process but the punishment yielded results.



It certainly needed it's recovery time however, and while he'd gotten the healing process to a science at this point, it was nothing miraculous and painless.  With a grunt, he eased the mug up to his mouth to take a long few gulps, welcoming something to take the edge off the ache that permeated throughout his entire body.  Wincing, he sat the mug down and took a deep breath.  It didn't have the spice of a desert drink, but he could already feel a soothing tingle in the pitt of his stomach that sent a smile of relief across his face.



"Gridania...."  He thought to himself, casting his eyes about the tavern.  "What sort of folk are in Gridania....?" 

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((Skips in. Woo!))


When Linette had first arrived in Gridania, she rarely ever left the Carline Canopy. The crowds of the bustling tavern comforted her, helping ease the contrast to her original home of Ul'dah.


Now, she tried to avoid it. She liked to tell herself this was because she now preferred the stillness of the Shroud ('I'm very mature now.' Was always an added afterthought). But the wave of homesickness that filled her as she stepped inside said otherwise.


Eyes scanning the room, she saw a good many of folk. Some in groups, others alone. Some looked her age, others older. She'd hoped to come here and find someone she knew, but another quick search told her this wasn't to be. Linette paused awkwardly in the doorway. Why did I even come here? I really don't want to sit by myself.


Then out of the corner of her eye she saw someone. An older man with silvery hair and covered in bandages sitting alone. Her eyes widened and as she stared, another wave of nostalgia washed over her. Without realizing it, she began moving across the wooden floorboards, stopping only when she was at the man's table. She berated herself. What am I doing? This poor man just wants to be left in peace and I'm interrupting that.


It didn't matter. Words were already leaving her mouth.


"Hi there!" She said, smiling. Not a hint of the self doubt could be heard. "Mind if I join you?"

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Gridania ... what sort of folk are in Gridania?


A small gathering suddenly breaks apart in one of the darker corners of the establishment.  What had been a tight cluster of varied people dispersed with light laughter.  There is always something about good-natured laughter congregated in one place which is a most uplifting sound.  It might be that these people had been gathered for a joke.  Either way, upon their departure, the nucleus of the gathering is suddenly discernible.


There are two Miqo'te crouched there nearly back to back though they look as different as the ivory and ebony pieces on any game board.


The first has fine features.  Around his face and neck, several braids sweep, strung through silver-white hair with native beading.  Even the casual and sloping top-knot at his crown is made from a trinity of thick braids.  The reflective light of his eyes catch like brilliant coins in the woodsy, low-light of this corner of the Canopy.  He must be a Keeper of the Moon though his skin has tanned from unavoidable daylight travel and activity.


It had not been a joke that he told the small crowd.  He'd been crafting a tale for entertainment's sake while his traveling companion reattached a loosened steel topper back on to a pole arm.  It's often that he tells stories to pass the time.  Sometimes the tales gather listeners and sometimes they are told just to entertain his only friend.


Now that the small crew begins to disperse, this character across the Canopy rises out of his crouch and approaches the attendant carrying two tankards upon her tray.  Whatever he says is soft-spoken and does not carry in the boisterous hall.  But he leaves with two tankards of brew; one for himself and one for his companion.


It's when he turns back to return to his dark corner that the shaggy, vibrant length of his white tail can be observed.  And his quiver.  He must be an archer.


Now he shares a well-earned drink with his companion.  With a light stretch, he turns somewhat and lets his mismatched gaze sweep out over the crowds.  Two figures stand out to him the way the start of a good story might catch the eye:  An older looking fighter wrapped completely in bandages and a young lady approaching him without reserve.



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The second figure was lost in the meditative work of affixing the blade to his polearm.  Some gentle taps to place the pins back in after looking everything over.  The black knight to Muin's white bishop Soji's hair and tail were dark, his skin sun-kissed.  Woad-blue markings adorned his jaw and the bridge of his nose in a form of tattoo particular to the Miqo'te.  The colour of his eyes, however, was lost due to them being downcast and half-closed in gentle concentration.


He inspected his handiwork as Muin set down the tankard next to him.  The drinks of Gridania might have lacked the spice of the southern climes, but the city beloved of Nophica had one thing that set it apart from all others: honey.  In bread and baking, in gruel, in drinks, with tea; the golden sweetness of honey pervaded the culture of the forest city.


Even as Muin returned, nothing seemed to matter outside of his work.  Unless you knew Miqo'te body language.  While his eyes were intent on the final details of his spear, his ears were turned to listen to the various goings on now that the crowd gathered around for Muin's tale had dispersed.


((Also present!))

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He had caught sight of the crowd of folks dispersing, leaving the contrasting pair of Miquo'te behind, apparently the source of the attention.  It's always nice to enjoy a good tale here and there, no pun intended.  He brought his mug up with a warm smile and a polite nod as soon as the white haired Miquo'te glanced over, completely missing sight of the young lady who approached his table, her voice reaching out in greeting just as he had tipped his mug up, resulting in a quick draw of air, just as the liquid hit his lips.  His response, came out in a half gurgle, partial choke and cough.  Setting the mug down immediately and pressing his hand against his chest, coughing a few times with a wince, he gestured for her to take a seat.



"HOOOOO"  He wheezed out, taking a deep breath before following it up with a hearty laugh.  "By all means, if Gridanian hospitality includes beautiful women joining me with this little effort, I may have to make this trip a permanent one."  He slid a hand out to push the second mug of ale he had purchased over in her direction with a warm smile.  "Looks like I was saving you a drink Miss.  To what do I owe the pleasure?" 

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Linette's attention was diverted to the corner as well. What had once been a mass of patrons was now revealed to be two Miqo'tes.


Two familiar Miqo'tes.


Excitement overtook her. Raising a hand, she waved over to them. "Guys...Hey guys."


She was so enthused about the reunion, that for the briefest of seconds, she forgot she had even approach the older gentleman. That is until, he started to choke to death.


Eyes widening in horror, Linette reached a hand out. I killed him. She thought. He's going to keen over and I'll have to explain it. Death by ale and rude girls. Before she could ask who his next of kin was though, he recovered. A relieved breath escaped her.


She smiled at his greeting, glad that her sun bronzed skin hid the blush that redden her cheeks. Accepting the drink, she sat down and returned the smile.


"Well, to be honest. I had to ask where all those bandages came from. " As she spoke, she pointed. "Did you get into fight?"


Settling into her seat, she broke her gaze for only a second, to see if the Miqo'te had seen her greeting.

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That was initially what had captured his interest when both the veteran fighter with the bandages and the young woman first caught his attention.  Not only did the grizzled pugilist look approachable, but Muin had recognized the young woman from some time spent in the Shroud.


A languid, intelligent smile briefly softened his features as he nodded to both and then crouched down to speak to his companion.  Although his voice does not carry through all the tavern japery, it's clear that he feels the need to point out the pair to the other Miqo'te.  Given the pointed direction of Soji's ears, however, it is only a confirmation of a fact.


Soft-spoken Muin is the most reserved but over the course of their young lives, they've influenced one another, so that once-vibrant hues of conventional action have slowly muddied over time into a more rounded palette of behavior in each of them.


"Finished with it?" he asks Soji about those last few tinkers to his weapon...


... They've been hailed and it's only a matter of moments before they will join the other two at the table and with no little pleasure.

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His ears had zeroed in on the familiar voice of Linette.  After Muin spoke to his ears only, Soji gave a small nod.  He looked over the work and then stood.  Shifting the spear in his hands to give it a firm shake, he felt the response that ran along the wooden shaft.  He then turned the blade high and to the ceiling, resting the spear on his shoulder to keep the business end out of the way of the crowd.  It was the only thing about bringing a long arm into a building; one had to always be mindful of where it was pointing.


He turned to Muin and gave a second, silent nod that the work was complete.  Now his eyes could be seen by all.  Bright blue, keen and intelligent with the tell-tale slitted pupils of a Seeker.


He was free to converse; especially as it seemed that their circle of acquaintances was about to expand to include the half-drowned pugilist in the bandages.  He started toward the table with Jeris and Linette with the clear intention of joining them, though they might only arrive by the time Jeris was finishing his explanation.  Miqo'te ears would hear it all.

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He couldn't help but laugh, raising his mug with a broad smile.  "Well, I certainly hope so.  If this were the result of clumsiness, I fear each day would have me at death's door for the most embarrassing of reasons."  Taking another quick swig of his ale, he let out a breath of relief.  Medicine and drink would do plenty to nurse an injury, but nothing washed pain away like the comfort of good company.



"Gridanian Hospitality of another sort though.  Your wood wailers here are rather skilled.  I'm looking to do a bit of training with them."  he gestured to himself with a bandaged hand and a wry grin.  "I don't know what else they may think, but whatever I lack elsewhere, I try to make up for in determination."



As the two Miquo'te approached the table, he raised his hand in a wave and a welcoming smile.  "And you lot seem to know one another, so I'm afraid your friend here has obligated you both to sharing a drink as well."  Flashing that wry grin once more, he gave a polite tip of his head, addressing all three.  "Jeris Guillford.  Back in the coliseum they call me 'the Iron Blooded.'  A pleasure to make your acquaintances."  Back in Ul'dah he has a smidgen of local fame to help spread his name around, but if he were looking to make a name for himself all over Eorzea, he'd have to do a biiiit of the propaganda himself.

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Linette laughed, feeling more at ease. Wrapping one hand around her mug, she listened to his introduction before giving her own.


"I'm Linette. Linette Syng." She paused, as if debating to add more, but then shrugged and smiled again. "I'll let Muin and Soji introduce themselves."


If she was aware of the contradicting nature the last part of her statement might cause, Linette didn't show it. Instead she took a hearty gulp of her drink and forced herself not to cringe at the taste.

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"Cheers."  The sentiment, a rugged greeting, carried across from Jeris to Linette.


Seating himself at the table across from them, it would soon become apparent the Muin has two different colored eyes.  Luciane of the Archer's Guild wasn't wrong when she called them bright.  They had a glassy, hollow shine in them.  But one was coppery and one was as pale green as a shallow, sunlit fountain.


The bow on his back was not elaborate, but it did have a few pure-white feathers adorning the crest of its arc.  His dress was simple and cool, despite favoring leather as an element of armoring.


"And a welcome obligation it will be.  I am Muin Llyn."  That name was lacking any matriachal conventions depending on how proficient in Miqo'te culture any onlookers may be.  It was still a name that seemed to be formed of Miqo'te speech though.


Turning mismatched eyes to Linette Syng.  "Still at it, I see."


'At it' is short for:  Adventuring.  Hanging around Gridania.  Being Linette.  It was an invitation to tell him all about what had occurred since the last time they met.


And back to Jeris Guillford with studious curiosity.  "The Iron-Blooded.  The Colosseum.  That's a new tale to me.  Where is it?"


Muin liked tales and such an introduction was worth hearing from the beginning, or at least, worth knowing more about.

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The conversation was off and running without needing a word from him, so he sat down in a chair as well and listened in with tankard in hand.


It was still taking some adjustment to people introducing themselves with only a name and maybe a title.  A cultural difference only, though.  Not everyone's ways were the ways of his clan and tribe.  That was the first thing he'd learned as he and Muin had set out from their homeland: the world was very different depending on where you went and who you talked to.  It was as strange as it was exciting at times, learning how to work in another frame of mind.  Learning about another peoples' values and customs.


So for now he listened in as everyone else was more than willing to talk and Muin had done such a wonderful job of segueing into it all.

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With Muin's introduction and Linette's slip of the tongue with introductions, process of elimination had done the job for Soji, and Jeris nodded politely to each in kind.  "A blessing of the twelve to find friends so quick in a new town I'd say."  Shifting in his seat with a slight wince, he brought the cup up to take another drink before addressing Muin's inquiry.



"Ahh aye, the Arena in Ul'dah.  No better way for a man to make his fame or test his mettle than a good honest fight for public entertainment."  The laugh that followed his words left it a bit ambiguous if he truly believed what he said, or meant it as a joke of sorts.  Either way the easy-going grin spread across his face never faltered as he continued. "A good number of the lads I've fought decided to make light of the early bits of grey that have taken root..."  he brought a bandaged hand up to tap at his head.  "It's in a young man's blood to be hot-headed and overconfident.  After enough of them ended up face down in the sand of the Colosseum, they went from insulting this new Iron color, to swearing my veins ran with it.  Plenty of fighters our there can best me in speed, I'm not arrogant in that regard, but I've not run across many who are tougher."



He gestured to the three of them.  "How about you lot though?  Did I assume wrong when I took you for Gridanians?  What's your tale?"

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Linette nodded at Muin and Soji. "At it indeed. I finally found my way back here. Surprised to see you two here though."


She winked and swept a hand through her hair, refocusing back on Jeris. At his question she shook her head.


"Oh, I'm not from Gridania. I only came here a year or so ago. Conjurer's Guild and all." She looked to Soji and Muin. "What about you two? I don't think I ever asked where you were from."

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Jeris' tale of Colosseum life seemed a mixed bag.  The Miqo'te found himself happily confused by it.  He grinned, but his ears reclined in a kind of swivel before one of them flicked forward again.  As if his ears could depict the swirl and back-track of his thoughts and their progression through the details that Jeris provided.


But that was only the initial statement.  By the time Jeris was talking about having early grey and how he'd been teaching up-n-comers a thing or two about stamina, there was an appreciative grin back on Muin's features.  He nodded and replied.


"My family used to say a young warrior's gotta have a spirit to forge or there's nothing to work with.  I heard it's rough in Ul'Dah.  Lots of challenges.  Hot weather.  Maybe it puts fire in the blood."


Then, Muin listened as Soji replied to the question of their origins, and the Keeper of the Moon nodded his agreement with what Soji had said.  It gave him a moment to take another swig of the sweet liquor in his tankard.  He settled that back down on the table with quiet certainty.


"I came to study with the archers."  This part, he directs to Linette Syng in particular, but really the information is for everyone at the table.   "I didn't grow up here.  I was raised by Soji's clan.  The Drakes."

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Jeris laughed and finished off his drink with a slight wince, reaching up to put a hand at his left shoulder, and taking a moment to rotate his arm around with a slight pop before returning to the conversation at hand. "Well then, the four of us find ourselves on similar paths it seems, albeit you all have somewhat of a head start."  Grinning, he leaned forward, resting his arms on the table as he nods.  "Well then Miss, beauty gets the burden of first word, if not Gridania then where abouts are you from?  Now that I know all three of you are travelers as well, I can only assume Gridanian custom involves Wood Wailers and a great deal of bludgeoning."  He cackled out a teasing laugh to a passing by wailer who had entered just as he made the comment.  With an informal salute and a wink, the wailer barely paused in his step and continued towards Miounne without a second glance.



Nodding to Muin and Soji he added, "Don't think you're off the hook either boys, these Drakes sound interesting, and a perfect lead in to another round."  He raised a hand up to signal another round of drinks, wincing at the motion while turning his full attention to Linette.  Multi-tasker this one is when it came to women and wine.

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While Jeris spoke, Linette's gaze zoned in on his rotating arm. Without realizing it, she reached towards it, but stopped at hearing his question.


"Me?" She looked around. Then shrugged sheepishly, realizing the silliness of her response. "I'm from Ul'dah actually. Born and raised."


Swiping at her hair again, Linette glanced away. It was only for a second, but enough for her to hide the quick grimace that flashed across her features. Hastily she started speaking again.


"Pretty boring stuff really. I'm sure those two," her thumb jutted out at Muin and Soji. "Have a much more interesting tale..."


Linette choked on her own words, a lopsided grin forming. "Oh... Oh boy. Tale..Get it?"


Even the clapping of her hand over her mouth couldn't hide the giggle that escaped. Swallowing hard, she straightened in the chair.


"I, uh mean. Your turn guys."

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((Disclaimer, this info is tentative until we've actually seen more of the world.))


"Coerthas.  The Drake is the totem and guardian spirit of our tribe.  Firedrakes roam the hills and vales of the area and Ishgard resides to the north.  It was not a far distance to reach the Black Shroud following the rivers and road ways.  It was the Hedge that proved the most arduous trek."


As anyone trying to get into the Twelveswood had to pass the wilds commanded by the Elementals.  Seeing as the four of them had made it through in one piece, they must have received the benediction of the local spirits even if they might had to have proven it at times.

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A lazy, sly grin slipped across his features like quicksilver while Linette choked over the unintentional pun for tale.  He had an affinity for puns himself, really, and as Soji explained where they were from, there was a quiet nod to Jeris from Muin.  Coerthas hadn't been a bad place to grow up.


Now, even with the wince, Jeris and his multi-tasking was smooth.  His jest to the Woodwailer and the sentry's unmoved reply brought up memories of Silvairre for Muin, but the archer said nothing through the impish gleam in his gaze.  Instead, took to lightly slouching over his knee with his tail lightly adrift against the seat.


"At the end of our journey, we hitched a ride with a trader and spent some time with him for a while."


That trader was a man who liked stories and Muin had plenty.  The two wordless Elezen girls beside him had seemed lost in their own world or troubles, but the trader with his bottle was an eager listener to anything that made his journey easier.


That was how Muin had learned to pass the time with the Drake clan; telling stories.  And all the people in Twelveswood seemed to like that, so, for that reason and a few others, life here had been pretty good.

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He couldn't help but laugh at the pun as well, or perhaps more directly, Linette's amusement itself.  As one of the Canopy's attendants, a young Hyur woman with a fair complexion, short cut amber hair and a charming smile, swung by with a fluid grace that could only come from serving countless patrons, he handed off his empty mug with the expertise of someone served countless drinks.  With a quick wink and a wry grin in thanks as she switched out the drinks, he took a moment to take gulp from the fresh mug before rejoining the conversation.


"Drakes eh?  My my, sounds exciting!  The way I hear it, the Hedge can be an adventure in and of itself.  I'll have to do a bit of exploring while I'm here.  I happened by Airship myself and damn near slept the entire trip, something comforting about a ship, even if it's an airborne one."  Taking another drink of his mug he nodded over to Linette.  "I'd wager you're selling yourself a bit short, sweetheart."  He gestures to Muin with a grin.  "Nothing in life is boring, it's all a matter of how you tell it.  I get the feeling Muin here could tell you that, if indeed it was your wit that held the crowd before and not the mysteriousness Soji here seems to project."  With a quick laugh he added.  "The twelve have blessed you three, I'm afraid I have to resort to extreme measures to be quite as interesting."  Tilting his mug up once more as he flashed a grin.  "Although if a suit of bandages yields such fine results, I'd say it's a small price to pay."

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Seeing that her bad joke hadn't been received with raised brows and disapproving glances, Linette allowed herself one more laugh. She listened to the Muin and Soji's explanation with interest. From her guess, they looked only a few years older than her, but from the way they spoke, it was like they had already lived twenty more life times than she had.


When Jeris grabbed himself another drink, she peered into her own mug. The bitter substance had barely been touched, but she certainly didn't want to lag behind. Picking up the drink, she took it down in one hard swill. There was no masking the disgust that registered on her features. Letting out a sputtering cough, Linette set down the mug.


"By the twelve..." She muttered and wiped at her hand with the back of her mouth. "That is awful."


Still, there was no denying the pleasant and warm feeling that was forming in her stomach. She gestured to Muin and Soji again.


"You guys should tell Jeris how we met. It's not the arena, but packs of rock slinging opo-opos can pack quite the punch."

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Muin poured the last of his tankard into the fresh steel tankard brought by the serving lass.  And if he was wont to flirt, it didn't show.  But that might have been the legendary Keeper of the Moon reserve.


First, to Jeris he replied with a youthful grin. "What do you mean taking extreme measures just to be interesting?  For one thing, you got here on an airship.  Now that's interesting."


Muin's gaze held a certain yearning plain to see on his finer features.  "I've seen airships in the skies high overhead.  Always wondered how they stayed aloft.  If I ever get aboard one of those things, the pilot and crew will want to toss me overboard for all my questions."


But looking at Linette Syng, he seemed to echo Jeris' closing thoughts.  "Mn, I like stories and that's how the Drake Clan youth is taught to pass the time.  We sit around the longhouse-- a lot like this --and we pass the time telling tales.  Old tales.  Personal tales.  Adventure tales.  And tales that soft-hearts like to hear."


You know, some people have said of that last category, 'Is this a kissing book?'  Those kinds...


Then, Linette suggests that Muin or Soji tell the tale of how they met fending off bean raiders.  Suddenly his ears flatten and those mismatched eyes are half-eclipsed by ambivalent lids.


Muin did not find Opo-opos at all worthy of a tale.  Perhaps because they used his own tricks against him.  Such young pride.  There's a long rumble of reluctance from him.


"You tell it."  He suddenly pointed to Linette for even more emphasis.



((by the way, Soji and I switch posting order rather regularly - one of us will go after Lin either way and the other will follow!))

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Soji grinned, closing his eyes and bowing his head just a bit as he heard everyone's replies.  Muin had his own form of mischief that often included sniping people with beans from a hidden spot just for the fun and challenge of it.  But Soji's sort of mischief was of the Warden's vein.


"You say that nothing is boring, Jeris of Ul'dah, yet you suggest that you are without interest.  And Linette of Ul'dah is even more mysterious than we are."


The grin widened into a smile as he looked up at both of them and his eyes opened again, and there was something in his face now that must have harkened to the followers of Azeyma, goddess of sun, inquiry and the quest to illuminate the truth.


"A man in bandages has seen troubles and a man that is no longer in the city of his birth must therefore have a reason to leave it."  A hint that there might be a connection there, but was not going to speak that aloud.  Like the sun, he was just pointing out what it looked like at the moment.


To Linette he added, "And we still do not know why we were fortunate to have your help in Hyrstmill against the opo-opo raid.  But Ul'dah is a far way to travel for the relative comforts of a hamlet."  Therefore, Linette had a perfect opportunity to weave a tale of her own into what had happened from her point of view.


There were stories to be told by all at this table and they were equally as interesting as anything they had to say.  Seekers of the Sun got into a very different sort of trouble, didn't they?

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Jeris let out a hearty laugh, raising his mug to the three of them.  "I'll have to watch myself a bit closer, nothing gets by you lot."  Taking a drink of the fresh tankard, he couldn't help but grin at Linette's reaction.  "An acquired taste dear, but one that has just as much personality as it's place of origin."  Nodding to her.  "You'll have to try some of the special brews in Ul'dah and Limsa Lominsa.  Do yourself a favor once you pick a favorite, settle down wherever that may be, otherwise you'll have a life of longing, like being apart from your true love..."  He starred out thoughtfully, and somewhat comically as his statement hung there a moment, before shrugging, and taking another drink.  "-Or- perhaps I drink too much." He snickered into another sip from the tankard.



"Linette here no doubt has a bit more claim to Ul'dah than I do.  Jewel of the desert she may be, alas she was just the first place of note I happened upon.  I, dear friends, like a stray myself..." He eyeballed the Miquo'te for another cat joke.  "Am Jeris of....nowhere and everywhere?  Whichever fits the story better I suppose."  He nodded to Soji with a grin.  "You've a point though....surely a man in bandages has better cause to leave whatever home he had than to be bludgeoned by strangers.  I'm afraid I agree with Muin though, as my attention is often distracted by a pretty face..."  He turned to Linette with a grin.  "You've been nominated as storyteller dear, lets hear your best!"  Setting his mug down he threw his hands into the air and exclaimed.  "Overwhelm us with grandstanding!  Never assume any detail is minor!  Spin us an epic that would leave the twelve in awe!.........Ow."  He lowered his arms with a grunt, rolling his shoulders a few times before sipping gingerly at his mug.

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