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  1. Heyo and welcome to the forums (nice IC intro by the way)! I think you will be really happy with a FFXIV:ARR. I played a bit in 1.0 (not nearly enough to get a good handle on the game) and I can safely say ARR is top notch compared to it (and many other MMOs right now). Even if your MMO experience is limited, you won't have any trouble with it. I think you'll find both servers are awesome and very welcoming. If you come to Balmung, please feel free to contact me in game for RP or anything really! Linette Syng and Aiswyda Fyrlihtwyn See you around :3
  2. Input your code again into the site (as if you never entered it in the first place). I had that problem and reentering it got me the correct region code.
  3. Where do you see that, 'Active service accounts'? I see FFXIV under my account, but the registration on it is when I signed up for 1.0 (2010). When I click on 'select service' and the FF14 image it brings up the "On this page you can perform various actions on FINAL FANTASY XIV service accounts" and the "code registration is currently unavailable" page, and then right under that it lists Active Service Accounts and Cancelled Service Accounts, FFXIV is listed under the active part. This is a fresh account too, not my old 1.0 one. When I go to my profile proper it also listed FFXIV
  4. Where do you see that, 'Active service accounts'? I see FFXIV under my account, but the registration on it is when I signed up for 1.0 (2010).
  5. For those who were able to register without issue. Is anything underneath your Square Account (the one where you setup payment and such), showing anything different? I registered my code correctly (if I try to do it again, I get a 'code is already in use' message). But I never got a confirmation email, nor has anything changed on my account management page.
  6. For those who received an EU code. Go back to the preorder site (which is probably getting flooded again) and reenter your original code. It should spit a NA one back at you. I got an EU code the first time, but went back and retried, finally getting my correct NA code. Of course, you may very well want to wait til Square gives the 'official' ok.
  7. Might want to be careful redeeming your code until Square gives the 'official' ok. People in NA (like myself) kept getting error 3, but then woke up to find a 'confirmation' code in their email. Problem is, this confirmation code is for EU (Starts with RAAE), not NA, thus rendering it invalid. Apparently Square is aware, but no fix has been offered yet.
  8. There was no hiding the pout that overcame her at the pending departures. Linette stood, albeit a bit shakily, and waved at the two Miqo'tes. "I hope we see each other again soon." Her attention turned back to Jeris. She smiled but shook her head. "I will be fine thank you." She took a tentative step away from the table, and the world tilted beneath her. Linette frowned as she steadied herself. "Actually, maybe I'll take you up on that after all. I, uh, appreciate it." A dull throb was beginning to drum in her temples. I have a sinking feeling, that I am going to regret al
  9. Linette took his outstretched hand and mumbled, "Deal." She should have been embarrassed, and a voice in the back of her head, told her she would most certainly be the following morning. But at this very moment, she didn't care. Sitting back up, she blew at a piece of hair on her forehead and brushed off her skirt. "That didn't even hurt, I'm surprised." She said, more to herself than her companions. Taking another sip of her drink, she glanced around the table and furrowed her brow. "I wonder when the room will stop spinning. I don't remember hitting my head..." Shruggin
  10. As Soji spoke, Linette nodded thoughtfully. It was a good reason, an admirable one. She appreciated that. When Muin chimed in, she smiled and grabbed another drink. Then Jeris replied. It took a second for what he said to even register, what with the fog that was settling in her head, but when it did Linette's eyes went large and round. "Hey, that's not a real answer!" She reached back and swung a playful fist at his arm. Midway through the motion, she remembered his injuries and forced her arm to go wide. In rare moment of clarity, she realized that her ale clouded haze had
  11. She laughed at Jeris's extended version of her story. Her green eyes lighting up at the very thought of a giant opo-opo rushing the gate. It was then that she noticed a most peculiar feeling was starting to overtake her. A warm haze that caused her to feel more relaxed than before. One that caused the room to keep moving for the briefest of seconds when she shifted her gaze around the table. The attention was once again on her. Why are they staring? She asked herself. Then remembered. Hyrstmill. Why had she been there. Of course. She took another long drink (The bitter taste was gon
  12. It was amazing how easy it was for Linette to gulp down her new drink (one she had signaled for during the conversation) with three sets of eyes on her. Whatever they were saying (a distasteful look from Muin, some rather philosophical statements from Soji, and more bantering from Jeris) fell on deaf ears. She was too worried about the fact that they wanted her to tell the opo-opo story. Her. Linette Syng. Tell a story. "Well, uh." She said. "I was standing around in Hyrstmill. It was almost night, and um..." She stopped and bit down hard on her nail. One hand absent-mi
  13. Seeing that her bad joke hadn't been received with raised brows and disapproving glances, Linette allowed herself one more laugh. She listened to the Muin and Soji's explanation with interest. From her guess, they looked only a few years older than her, but from the way they spoke, it was like they had already lived twenty more life times than she had. When Jeris grabbed himself another drink, she peered into her own mug. The bitter substance had barely been touched, but she certainly didn't want to lag behind. Picking up the drink, she took it down in one hard swill. There was no masking
  14. While Jeris spoke, Linette's gaze zoned in on his rotating arm. Without realizing it, she reached towards it, but stopped at hearing his question. "Me?" She looked around. Then shrugged sheepishly, realizing the silliness of her response. "I'm from Ul'dah actually. Born and raised." Swiping at her hair again, Linette glanced away. It was only for a second, but enough for her to hide the quick grimace that flashed across her features. Hastily she started speaking again. "Pretty boring stuff really. I'm sure those two," her thumb jutted out at Muin and Soji. "Have a much more int
  15. Linette nodded at Muin and Soji. "At it indeed. I finally found my way back here. Surprised to see you two here though." She winked and swept a hand through her hair, refocusing back on Jeris. At his question she shook her head. "Oh, I'm not from Gridania. I only came here a year or so ago. Conjurer's Guild and all." She looked to Soji and Muin. "What about you two? I don't think I ever asked where you were from."
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