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Howdy all, Arimar here. Looking forward to getting into the RP community here on Final Fantasy, I must admit I am rather new in terms of lore involving the Final Fantasy series but hopefully that will change. Besides that however I have been roleplaying in MMO's for as long as I can remember, at the same time however I vastly enjoy PvE content as a tank.


I am looking forward to getting to know each of you, as well as maybe tank for some of you one day.

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Much appreciated :D


And you know me? :moogle: I hope that is a good thing!


Yep! I get your wall updates on enjin and everything, :tonberry:

Aha! I found you! Nice to see you over here.



Thank you for the welcoming. A healer is always nice as well Projektai, my big guy can only handle so much punishment.


And Barios! It is nice to see you again, I am the same Arimar from the other games as I am quite lazy with names, thank you for the welcome.

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