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Ahoy, is the cool breeze good or should I shut the door? Just another guy looking to get into the community. I'm a casual roleplayer, often used forums in the past till I got into roleplaying on a game. Started with WoW... I am trying to pick it up to a bit more than casual.


Lore fill-ins, character information screw-ups, important race details, anything really. I look forward to chattin' with people around here.

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*Places an outside rock in front of the door to keep it open. Afterwards taking a seat on the near chair.* Thank yea, thank yea. I'll have some if you'd be so kind.


*Magically makes it chocolate milk/iced coffee/Ovaltine/other, due to the heat* Do tell us a tale, and I'll be sure to tell you mine!

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A tale, eh? I've yet to have much to tell but I can tell how it came to be sittin' here. Up and down the seas, sailin' without a care in the world till I found the land and wondered what might I find over thar! Around and around, I ran circles upon endless circles till I stumbled along this fancy lil' place. Ehh, who knows I'm just looking for a place to rest my head. Not sure what I aim to do just this yet.

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