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Hello there! The name's Hakuro, though I'll likely change my username to my character's name once Phase 4 hits. You can currently find me around Phase 3 as Arradon Almagesti, though that will not be my character name in Phase 4.


I already have a nice character idea that, while likely already thought of a million times, should add some depth to my character. No character name yet, and I'm having a bit of trouble coming up with a good one. Going for something that isn't lore-friendly from a racial perspective, which I will explain in the character's backstory. Note: Anything written as "Unknown" isn't one of those "No one knows this about him" things, I literally haven't thought it up yet. Any help with names, ages, dates, etc. would be very welcome! If you think your character would fit, I wouldn't even be opposed to inserting him or her into my own bio!


Name: Virgil Manentyv

Age: 17

Gender: Male/Cisgender

Orientation: Homosexual

Race: Miqo'te

Clan: Keeper of the Moon (Half-Keeper of the Moon, Half-Seeker of the Sun IC)

Starting Job: Arcanist or Barbarian (He always begins as an Arcanist IC, but is required to begin in Limsa Lominsa for his story to work effectively)



Virgil was born to a Keeper of the Moon father named Asha'a Jawantal and a Seeker of the Sun mother named G'kahla Baen. Both desired to stick with their respective naming traditions. The father wished for the child to be named in the traditional Keeper of the Moon way by taking on his mother's name. Feeling uncomfortable with the idea, she instead proposed to name the child in the traditional Seeker of the Sun way by taking on his father's name.


Unable to come to any form of compromise on their own due to their conflicting traditions, they asked mutual friends of the couple, a male Hyur playwright named Eadgar Fletcher and a female Roegadyn fisherwoman named Bhariwyb Greinfyswyn, for a suitable name. They chose to name him Virgil after a famed poet in the Fourth Astral Era, with the surname Maenentyv, a name which means "Moon Thief" in the ancient Roegadyn tongue, a subtle reference to the boy's father, a reference that would only truly be understood by the four of them. The child's parents accepted this name and dubbed their friends godparents for the child.


A few weeks after this joyous day, the child's father left Limsa Lominsa with only a few words, "I love you" and "Take care of our son.". A few days later, on a starlit night, a squad of three Keepers of the Moon approached the child's mother, questioning his whereabouts and revealing that he was a criminal under investigation within the borders of Gridania for theft of flowers from the twelveswood and of an antique music box, a heinous criminal act in Gridania and one punished severely by Gridanian law. Afraid for her child, the mother lied, stating she had never heard of such a man, when they left. The mother never revealed to the child about his Keeper heritage.


The child had been born with the physical appearance of a Seeker of the Sun, but had many of the traits of a Keeper of the Moon. He refused to play with the other children, who always insisted they play outside in the bright, harsh sunlight, and instead devoted his time to reading both for study and for recreation. The child knew he was different from the others, but was not told about his father, so he had no idea how different he truly was, even amongst other Miqo'te in the city.


As the child grew up, his studies had paid off and, after returning from a research expedition out in the deep oceans where he found a weird crystal fragment, he was officially granted the title of Arcanist and given permission to take up the fight for Limsa Lominsa properly. Having never truly fought before, he used his amassed knowledge and intellect to defeat foes and support his allies to the best of his ability.



The following are arcs that will happen later on in the plot of my character once he reaches certain in-game milestones. I can and likely will include many more of these later as I meet new people and develop bonds with them.


A Father's Masquerade, A True Threat Weighed (Arcanist Lv20)

Upon attaining rank within The Maelstrom, Virgil returns home to his mother after having traveled out for a long time and a squad of Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te are asking his mother questions. Confused, he asks them what is going on. Through dialogue, he learns the truth: his father is (or was, his whereabouts are truly unknown) a Keeper of the Moon. He then travels to Gridania in order to accomplish two goals: To offer forgiveness for what his father had done in any way he could, and to study the ways of nature through the path of the Conjurer.


Life and Lore Intertwined, The Scholar Divined (Arcanist 30, Conjurer 15)

After fighting hard for a very long time, Virgil uses his wisdom and experience from his studies as an Arcanist and from his research as a Conjurer to unlock the secrets to follow the path of the Scholar, combining White Magic and Arcanist Skills to overwhelm enemies and act as a pillar of strength for surrounding allies.


A Father Found, Surprises Abound (Scholar 30)

Virgil eventually finds his father in and confronts him about his criminal actions, taking whatever actions necessary to force his father to clear his name in Gridania and amongst the Keeper clans.




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Welcome to the RPC!


I'd say you're off to a good start and especially like the idea of having some ideas for potential future character arcs, doubly so for those that can bring other players into your character's world. As it's been a great help for me in building the story/backstory for my character, I'd suggest checking out the Mentor Thread ! There's a number of people there who can act as sounding boards to help you fill in those blanks...who knows, you may even find someone who can fit into your character's story as well!

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Thank you very much!


I appreciate the compliments! I feel that future character arcs are key to character development, whether they are planned or not, so I decided to plan out a few and leave the rest up to my experiences in-game!


I also feel that I should be very inclusive to the community who would be willing to be a part of my character's backstory because it adds in real characters that I can interact with instead of some mysterious ghost that makes me think that I'm talking to myself!


I have just posted on the Mentor Thread, as you suggested and requested a Mentor to help me out. Thanks for the suggestion!


I hope to be as active as I can! Being a Business and IA/IR double-major and honors student in college, that may end up being harder than I would like, but I will definitely do the best I possibly can!

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I'm currently talking to you in skype! But I'm still posting on your hello thread : P





I'm blown away. I hope that one day I'll be able to create characters as interesting and planned as Virgil. Welcome to the RPC. I hope your stay here is long and pleasant!

Aww, you flatter me so much! Thank you!

I also saw you on Skype! HELLO!


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