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Figured I should stop lurking and say hello.


My name's Alex, 29 from the UK and will hopefully be rolling on Balmung come launch.  Been a fan of the Final Fantasy series since VII, though I've yet to finish either XII or XIII.  Didn't try XIV 1.0 because of the terrible reviews, though ARR peaked my interest and I must admit the beta has done nothing but impress me.



With that said, on to the nitty gritty...



MMORPG background



I daresay if I listed all the MMO's I've played it'd be enough to fill a thread...



Suffice to say I played WoW from mid vanilla to the first content patch of Pandaria.  Before that was City of Heroes and City of Villains and a brief dabble in FF XI.  XI was my first MMO and I managed to make it all the way to the dazzling heights of level 11!  Twice!  On the same character....  XP loss on death was a cruel thing indeed...



RP experience


My first experience of RP was on WoW.  Originally started on Ragnaros (due to the fact that it sounded like Ragnarok, the ship from FF VIII :D)  I moved to Defias Brotherhood because it was RP-PvP and I'd heard RPers had nicer communities.  Eventually I started RPing with my paladin, Kayl and enjoyed it.  Though I kinda stopped RPing from the latter half of WotLK.



Also roleplayed on Champions Online, which was a lot of fun.  But all in all I dare say my RP skills are in need of a good spring clean and an oil change.



Character ideas/info



I plan on playing a Miqo'te pugilist and eventually monk called V'kayl.  She's the young, happy go lucky sort who prefers to fix her problems with her fists rather than her brain.  She also happens to be aquaphobic, which is all sorts of fun when you come from Limsa Lominsa...



I'll probably have other characters / classes in the future but I prefer to flesh out one character at a time. :P



How did you learn about the coalition?



From Kari, who's been bugging me on Skype to join for a while now, and then to post a hello after I did. :D



What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?



I'd have to say I'll probably be a light / medium RPer.  Though I enjoy roleplaying I intend to play the game first and roleplay second.  Of course after hitting the level cap that may change and I may spend more time RPing.



So yeah, that about wraps it up.  I look forward to seeing you all in game (both beta and live.) :D




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