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Hey there!

So I'm Variun, new around here, as you can see.


I've played a few MMOs, most notably would be Aion. I spent the most time dedicated to that, about 2-3 years I think? I haven't really managed to stick to one since except The Secret World. (It doesn't help that there's a new one out like every 2 months now though!)


RP-wise Aion started me out. I jumped on the unofficial RP server about a year into the game and managed to get into it pretty quick. Generally I was a bit quiet, would show up at an event here and there, chat in the tavern etc. My character was a botanist, and avid hiker, which let me explain my common absences because of A) Timezones, and B) being 16 and living at home and doing school etc. (Though this has changed and I seem to better manage my time now, yay!) So for the most part I'm a pretty light RPer, but I'm trying to maybe just get involved more and be medium-ish~


I came to find this site just googling about, wondering if there was a group of roleplayers getting pumped for ARR, so I've been lurking about a week or so~


At the moment I'm really loving the Miqo'te, they're too cute I swear. I have a few running about between Gilgamesh, Balmung, and one of the Japanese servers, trying out the classes and stuff. Really digging the pugilist at the moment. As a character I'm really shot for ideas at the moment. Even thinking I might go with a Roegadyn if only I could think of a name. But yeah, character's not really sorted out just yet.


Nice to meet you all! ^.^

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Nice to meet you too, Variun! :D


I know there's a good number of folks I've seen list Aion as one of their former MMOs so you might see some familiar names or old friends. Either way, there's plenty of new ones to make here! Get comfy and dive on in, most of us don't bite!

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