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Let's finally say something...

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So, I tend to not do well with forums because I'll forget to post on them, as evidenced by the fact that I'm only now introducing myself.


I'm Damian, though you can refer to me by my username or as Mikhai'a. I've been roleplaying on and off in MMORPGs since about 2007. I'll be working through the game In-Character as an Arcanist and Alchemist the moment Arcanist is available, and I look forward to meeting everyone in game.


So... yeah. Hello everyone. :tonberry:




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Not good with forums or not, good to have you aboard, Damian. I believe I remember reading something from Yoshi-P about that Arcanist was going to be available come open beta. The community has been pretty good with answering questions, if you have any. I just might not have the answers yet. Since you shared your character, I'll share mine.



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Hey Mikhai'a! Welcome to the non-lurking side of the RPC! I had a lot of fun playing with you earlier, so I hope you find the staying power in the game you're looking for and keep on with us in the long haul! :)

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