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Antiquated Roleplayer Here


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Hello all,


With the release fast approaching and third beta test ending, I've decided to search out a community of fellow roleplayers.


As the title describes, I am an antiquated roleplayer by most standards, having started tabletop roleplay almost twenty years ago when I was ten or eleven.  Back in those days, I was handheld through Dungeons and Dragons and since then I've moved through most systems acting as gamemaster in many plot threads.  Parallel, I was a freeform roleplayer on IRC for almost the same length of time; if you are unfamiliar with what this is, essentially a chatroom where players interact with one another as their characters and, using a paragraph or more at a time, collaboratively write.  It's given me quite a base of writing experience though I will admit my MMO RP experience is a bit more limited.


Speaking of MMO experience.  I have touched upon almost every MMO under the sun for a day or so, with only a few having lasted more than that.  I, like many others, stuck with WoW from beta through Burning Crusade and fell out of it soon afterward.  I was in a progressive raiding guild on a roleplay server there and will certainly miss the memories I had there.  Since then I have dabbled on Guild Wars 2, however the imbalances have prompted me to step away.  I never touched FFXIV prior to Realm Reborn,  but I have really enjoyed my experience so far.  The next step is just to find a good community, free company, and begin to create some wonderful stories.  I'm not sure what class/job I want to focus on first yet.  I was hoping for an opportunity to try the Arcanist out before live.  I have a few character concepts in mind, though it is something I will hammer out once I am content on my selection.  While I realize I can change any class later on, that first choice will define the character and I'm such a picky guy.


A bit about me outside of the computer; I'm a would be novelist (who isn't these days?), fitness guru with P90X/Insanity, and project manager.

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Greetings and welcome. I'm rather new myself to the forums and like you never went near FFXIV till very recently. Lots of lore to catch up on but the community seems really helpful so I'm sure we will be fine. 


See you around the forums and hopefully ingame!

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The advantage of the class-less system is that you really do have to decide mostly on the character rather than the profession. The bad thing is that it the wider spectrum is much harder to narrow down, :). I think there are a fair number of people here who are secretly as antiquated, hehe. That's the impression I get anyway.


Welcome to the RPC! I look forward to running into you and experiencing the stories you share with everyone. Good luck on your search for a shell and company, and in your endeavour to narrow down those choices! Haha!


Choices, choices...

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I am an antiquated roleplayer by most standards, having started tabletop roleplay almost twenty years ago when I was ten or eleven. 


Welcome, I'm quite new myself and they seem a friendly bunch here.


As for 'antiquated' I'd say you were a young whipper-snapper in my book.  I started with Basic Dungeons and Dragons before moving on to Advanced D&D 2nd Edition about the age you started; however for me that was nearly 35 years ago. :D

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