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FFXIV:ARR newbie looking for some fun RP in this game!

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Hey there! I was just introducing myself, since you're definitely gonna see me in game if I ever decide upon a server. I have some questions about that, actually. Which is the biggest RP server, Balmung or Gilgamesh? I've no qualms about playing on a legacy server, but if the chunk of RP is gonna be in another server, I'd rather be there, you know?


Also, about my character. I was thinking a Lalafellin dragoon bounty hunter named Miqo Tiqo. Is it plausible?



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Welcome Halcee, from what I have gathered. Balmung has the biggest RP Community, due to it was already established, while Gilg is currently building up their community.

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Hello and welcome~! To answer your questions: Balmung will be a larger community, but that's not to say either server will have more of an abundance of roleplay than the other; everyone's eager on both servers! Second question: I don't see why the idea of a Lala dragoon bounty hunter wouldn't be plausible C: so go for it! If you've got anymore questions or would like character feedback, feel free to post 'em up on the forums! We'll be happy to help~ Hope to see you in game C:

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