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I've played the game on and off since launch. Shenkadank is my name on the Beta forums as well. I'm kind of new to rp'ing but I love writing stories. I'm hoping to find a linkshell to join with a backstory that suits my character. I have two characters in mind, but I have yet to get around to choosing one.


Looking forward to meeting some nice people.

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Welcome to the RPC! There's plenty of Linkshells and more than a few Free Companies here that cover a vast number of character archetypes and histories, so hopefully you'll be able to find one you like no matter which character you use. Though, no one says you only need one!

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Welcome to the RPC! There are so many cool shells here, and the best part is that you don't have to be exclusive, just active! This is a great place to be new, I think. So many people willing to help and post up important bits of information. Check out the mentoring thread if you're ever in need of help: it's honestly a wonderful community tool! Also a great way to meet nice people, hehe, :).

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