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Here goes nothing...!

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Hello everyone, 


it's very nice to meet you all!

I'm new to the community, but not new to roleplay. :moogle:


Sorry if I seem a bit awkward, I never know how to go about these introduction posts, and I'm a bit on the shy side. ; w;


My character's name is Eudalie, (her surname got changed quite a bit!), and so far it seems like she'll be joining the community on the Gilgamesh server. 

If you ever need a hot meal or a healing hand, she's always ready to help!


So, I think that's all for now, since I really don't know what to say. n wn;

I look forward to meeting everyone, and I can't wait to roleplay either!

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Welcome to the RPC! :D Don't worry about introductions - I'm sure we'll get to know you just fine! Everyone's super friendly here, which should cancel out the shy bit too! And my rule of thumb is to never say no to a hot meal. 8D

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Welcome to the RPC! I don't think anyone really knows how to do an introduction post, so best is to just dive in and do it, which you did! That and I think we're all shy, just hiding it really well, hehe, >_>.

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