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Zarek's RP Profile

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I. Basic Info


  • Characters: Zarek Windsoul
  • Primary character: Zarek Windsoul
  • Linkshells: F.A.T.E., Crimson Phoenix
  • Primary RP linkshell: F.A.T.E.


II. RP Style


  • Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy)
    I'd say I'm a Medium-Heavy sort. I like to enjoy all aspects of the game from crafting to exploring to raiding and PvP, but sometimes I like to enjoy them OOC (what can I say, I'm an instance whore and if they're fun I can run them all day for loots and lawls). However, I also really enjoy story arcs, especially those in groups where different characters are allowed to shine. I like working with others and think character interactions (characters who have to always 'win' or always have a happy ending need not apply), especially those that include consequences for actions are what help keep things realistic and interesting.
    In my opinion, roleplay is a cooperative, give and take experience so that's how I approach my interactions unless the other player has given me reason not to do so. And lastly, I'd like to stress that OOC communication is important. That doesn't mean spoiling the story, but a quick heads up can often keep things from being awkward or creating a misunderstanding.
  • Views on RP combat and injuries
    As noted above, give and take. I have absolutely no problems with getting into an RP fight (as Zarek isn't above picking them by any means) and losing terribly. I am fine with die rolls (adds the randomness of an actual fight!), taking levels into account, or even emote battling as long as (again) I can trust the person to give and take within reason. If my character takes a beating this week, sometime in the future, I'd expect to be extended that courtesy as well, especially if it progresses a story.
    As for injuries, reasonable ones unless there's an extremely good reason for something more permanent as well as some built up trust between myself and the other party.
  • Views on IC romance
    As we have living, breathing (as it were) characters, romance is a natural part of their lives. Zarek is, at times, a very overt flirt and (as noted below) likely has his share of flings behind him. Anything long term is more than likely out of the question for a variety of reasons both IC and OOC.
  • Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc)
    I'm all for it and as you'll see below am looking for more people to help flesh out Zarek's life, both in the past and present. While family is a bit of a stretch (though not impossible), it's something I'd have to talk about before giving the green light on it.
  • Views on lore
    Lore is good. Like it, love it, and hug it. It's the starting point for all of us as roleplayers. I like to think that we can bend it and should (where reasonable/feasible) try to 'live and let live' rather than forcing our views of lore down anyone else's throat. It's much better to give something an honest chance (if possible) as that leaves you open to meet more people and spread around the roleplay.
  • Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc)
    /say is great for roleplay, of course. I'm also fine with using /linkshell, /party, whispers, or FC chat for roleplay. I have a habit of almost always throwing out the double (( )) when I'm OOC anyway so the channel wouldn't matter, unless it's yell/shout/trade/general which are almost always universally OOC.
  • Possible Connections
    As I've mentioned, I'd love to have people to help fill in part's of Zarek's life (and vice versa), so in case anyone was wondering a few possible suggestions that I have already (and of course there's room for more):
    -Ul'dah/Platinum Mirage: This is where he spent most of his life. He grew up working for the Mirage and largely was a casino bouncer, muscle, and an average fighter in the coliseum.
    -Past Flings: Plenty of people have had them, and they can offer a variety of roleplay interaction depending on how they play out from humorous to not so nice.
    -Bounty Hunters: Given that he's walking out on the Mafia (Platinum Mirage) to start adventuring, there may be a gil reward out for bringing Zarek back to some people in Ul'dah that want to chat with him.
    -Highlanders: Still working on the specifics for this, but I think as I'm leaning towards a tattoo of sorts, it'd be nice to have him eventually be able to learn bits and pieces about what his family was like, and generally more about other highlanders.


III. Other Info

  • Country: US of A
  • Timezone: Eastern (EST/EDT) = GMT-5
  • Contact info: My PM box is always open!

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