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Hello all! I just wanted to pop in and say hi. I'm a newbie roleplayer, having just gotten started with it in another MMO, but I'm really looking forward to trying some RP in FFXIV. My boyfriend got me into the game and now I'm as excited for it to come out as he is. Maybe I can even get him to try some RP as well. :D


Right now while I wait for the game, I'm studying the lore as much as I can and working on a backstory for my Duskwight Elezen. I'll be playing on Balmung, so hope to see some of you there!

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Welcome to the RPC! :D


I'd say take your time with the lore. There's a decent bit of it and you still have some time yet before launch. Of course, if you're more the type to dive in head first, by all means! As for your boyfriend, definitely drag him along! Just seeing/experiencing RP events can be enough to give someone the prod they need to try and attempt it as well. :) Besides, the more the merrier!

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W E L C O M E to RPC.


I hope you receive as much of a warm welcome as I did (if not more).



Feel free to check out my sig if you and your boyfriend haven't already settled on a linkshell/free company.  :)




~shameless plug  wmah ha ha...

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Thanks everyone! I feel welcome already. :D I told my boyfriend about the site and I think he might come check it out, muahaha. :3 I am sure I will have some lore questions to post soon... Oh, and drake2k, I will definitely have a look at your linkshell!

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I approve of your Cait Sith avatar, hehehe! Welcome to the RPC! You couldn't have picked a better place as a new RPer to begin than here, I feel. Have fun, ask questions always, and don't be afraid to put yourself out there and experiment! Those are my keys to having a good time as a roleplayer, which I hope you do have, :).

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Yoyo! You may have noticed we have some decent lore posts floating around here~ On top of that, a visit to the official lore forums is always a good time! You may also want to bother some of the other Duskwight around the neighborhood for some info on culture. Yssen, Eva and Kari are a knowledgeable start, I've heard :)

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