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Tentative Character concept

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So, I've been really at a loss with what kind of character to create and part of that is because there's so much lore that I feel overwhelmed. I want to take my time and enjoy learning it, but I feel like I need to understand it to create a realistic character. This has led me to the conclusion that I'd like to play a character who is a clean slate. So that I can experience the game and the lore of Aorzea with her. Unfortunately, that has left me with one of the most cliched of character concepts - amnesia.


Despite being so cliched, I am drawn to the idea of a character who is very unfamiliar with anything in Aorzea, since her player is so unfamiliar with it. I keep thinking back to FFVI and Terra who had her own battle with amnesia and I can't help but wonder if something like that could be attributed to the magitek that the empire uses. If my character originates from the Garlean Empire, is it possible that she worked with magitek, maybe as a mechanic of sorts, and there was an accident? I don't know... what do you guys think?

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Personally i made my character simple, a fisher who don't know much outside of where he grew up and ul'dah. Everything else i will try to learn through rp. The little i know of the back story and other things i will say ive heard or been told. But it seems intressting or rather more so, to learn through rp.


As for your questions i can't really awnser them, it seems much easier this way rather than hours of studying to make a complex character. Complexity through rp rather than from creation.



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While I can't speak to much about the Empire and what's happened/happening/characters from there....I will say (as has been mentioned in a few places), amnesia is kind of a Final Fantasy staple so there's not really anything as wrong with using that as a part of your character's story.

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By no means am I an expert on Garlean lore, but it seems to me there's a number of ways a magitek engineer could end up an amnesiac (a classic FF trope, that) in Eorzea; the Empire was established in Ala Mhigo and had several fortresses on the continent.


Magitek is powered by concentrated Aether "acquired" from the planet(ceruleum), amd it's known to be unstable. That makes an accident entirely possible, and since some people are known to have bad reactions to Aether, you've got the setup for your story right there. I would think you also have more mundane options, such as a scout airship crash.


Also, the Garlean military is super wicked, so your character might have some dark flashbacks and a dark history. You have the option of turning the "darkness dial" anywhere from zero all the way to 11. :)

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