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Ahoy there!


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Ahoy there me hearties!!!!


I have finally found you, FF14:arr roleplayers! Stand fast ye scurvy dogs!


On a serious note, I just got into this game with the relaunch and the last few beta weekends.  I am an avid roleplayer from a plethora of other MMO's and am very excited to see what the FF14:ARR community has to offer.


This seems to be THE site to go to in regards to RP in the game, so... here I am!


Also, looking for an RP free company :cactuar:

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Oi! I can't wait to get started either!


Playing in beta 3 made me pre-order quick as a bunny.  I didn't RP during the beta test as I was "testing"!


Luckily, I got to RP a little bit toward the end of the beta. And on the Cactuar server! What a shocker! :3

I'm counting pennies to pre-order, and maybe convince a few friends to too!

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