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Lalafell lore

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Besides these two tidbits:



A wee people sporting short, rotund bodies, the Lalafell appear as no more than children to the eyes of most. Many of these nimble little folk hail from the islands of the south seas, where they practice a simple agricultural lifestyle. It was not until the opening of maritime trade routes that the gradual migration of Lalafell to Eorzea began.

Now one of the most well-established races in the realm, Lalafell can be found in great numbers in nearly every city. Though Lalafellin culture places great emphasis on blood relations, individuals are known for getting along amicably with members of all races.



he Lalafell were originally a group of agriculturalists inhabiting the fertile islands of the south seas. With the introduction of transmarine commerce, they soon found their way to Eorzea via trade routes. They are now one of the more populous races and are well established throughout the region, though they remain averse to cold climates.

The short, rotund builds of the Lalafell belie an incredible agility, and their seemingly feeble legs are capable of carrying them long distances over any terrain. Many among them are also known for possessing highly developed and cunning intellects.

The Lalafell place a great deal of significance on familial bonds, but are by no means unfriendly to outsiders. This is evidenced by the fact that they continue to share prosperous relations with all of the other races of Eorzea.

Do you know anything of Lalafell lore? I plan on creating one but thus far I don't see a lot to go from.

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