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Just a few quick sketches


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I just doodle you guys..with pencils. Cuz I don't know where my tablet is and I never properly learned to use it either.


But, I had found drawing characters today, so I thought I could at least share.


























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Thank you both =3

I'm having a blast trying to decide how the family looks and I'm surprised by how much history I'm getting just by making their pictures.



Currently working on their parents but their father is being difficult!



Also abnormalDiety, I don't mind doing a quick sketch. Probably won't get around to it today, since it's getting a tad late but I'll probably manage something tomorrow.



I don't color though, due to the aforementioned tablet issues so it'll be simple black(grey?) and white.



Any particular expression you'd like?

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Cute! :o I really like the last one!


Edit: Btw, not sure if you're doing requests or not, but I wouldn't mind getting a quick pic of my character c: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/wiki/images/5/59/JuniperRosenburg.jpg

(P.s. I know what you mean about tablet issues! My was missing for a while, and I found it, but now it doesn't at all! ;-;)


And really, really sorry for taking so much time on just a little sketch but I suddenly got visitors! ;_;

I did as best as I could from the picture you linked, so I hope you're at least somewhat pleased!




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