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A wild Mynk reappears!


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The pokeballs! Throw them!

Don't waste the ultras though; she doesn't look that tough.


Hi! (and hello again to some here ^.^)


I honestly have no clue how I managed to not create an account here until this month since I know I came here during 1.0, but I'm just going to assume shyness has something to do with that.



Anyway, a little about my XIV history I guess? I started playing with 1.0 open beta (on Besaid) with the character Mynk Bellesur, and as part of the LS: Fangs of Bahamut (at least I'm pretty sure that was the name). Of course, the game quickly turned into one of the biggest gaming disappoints ever for me. I probably would have kept playing it lightly, especially since subscription fees had already been killed before I really starting getting dysphoric with the game, but real life decided to pop up and not even really make it a choice.


Not too terribly long later though, as things calmed down a little for me, I got the itch to get back into it, with a new outlook and all! I recreated my character to fix a couple aesthetics I had ended up not liking as much as I thought I would, and Mynk walked upon Eorzea again, this time meeting and joining with the wonderful people of Aes Sedai Tower. It still wasn't a great game by any means, but I had a wonderful time... until life reared it's pretty face again. :3


Over a year passed before I played again. Even after life had calmed down, I had trouble getting the will to step back into Eorzea due to stupid feelings the past had left me with. I'd read about each update to the game, and I'd shrug it off, telling myself I didn't care. I have no clue how much longer I'd have been able to put it off though, as before I could find out, a friend talked me into coming back. And so began my third journey: one not beginning with a remade Mynk.


I partied, I levelled, my friend showed me new things that had been added from rare monsters to the dungeons, and I even joined another great Linkshell of people: Explorers of Eorzea. Of course, I probably should have went back to AST, but I felt guilty for disappearing and had a sinking feeling this stint wouldn't last either, and it'd suck to come back just to disappear again >.< (of course, getting to meet some of EoE is something I'm very glad to have done). Some time passed, I played casually and had fun, but wasn't in the right state to really get invested into an MMO, so as life started to get really busy for me and my computer starting having some troubles, I just drifted away.


So, blah, anyway, here we are now: 2.0 upcoming, I'm as hyped as I was before 1.0 (so, basically the 3rd biggest hype I've ever had for a game), and I'm prepared for life's shenanigans! ... okay, so maybe I'm not prepared perse as I expect a lot of "stuff" in the near future, but this time I know it's coming, and I'm ready kinda to stand up and meet it!


And of course, everything will be better (and easier) when I have wonderful people, like everyone here at the RPC, to play a wonderful game with. =)



tldr: Mynk's played off and on a bit since 1.0 open beta, is a terrible person that has simply disappeared without saying anything multiple times, and is back yet again, filled with hope, hype, and happiness. ... and she talks way too much.


For now though, I'll be retiring Mynk Bellesur of Balmung and starting afresh (though I may dust her off later for rp/include her in my new character's). I'm still trying to decide what I'm going to play now though and which of the two servers I'll call home (been weighing the pro/cons and what I know someone who's coming with me would prefer for weeks, and will probably do so until P4 starts).


In summation: Hi! (possibly again)

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Yoyo! Welcome for the sort of first and sort of not first time! You know, i find people generally aren't as judgmental about disappearing as you'd think. Most people know real life happens and are just as likely to be quite welcoming and all "Hey, I remember you!" I wouldn't worry too much, especially not in a group like AST. Ali loves e'r'body :3

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