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Hi everyone

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Disclaimer: I am really terrible at these intro things but I will try my best!


So, my MMO background. I played FFXI the longest but its been a few years since I last played, I play Guild Wars 2 on occasion, and other than that I have beta'd a few but never stuck with them.


As for roleplay, I've been writing stories with friends on forums and emails for a long time. I spent a large chunk of time on FFXI role playing too. I'm looking for medium to heavy role play group.


I have worried over it a lot, but I think I have finally settled on a female Highlander from Limsa Lominsa. I'm hoping to play Arcanists and then Summoner. I will miss my tail. ; ;


Something about me, hmmm? I love music and art. In my free time I can be found drawing or playing video games. (So really, I can always be found in front of my computer.) When I'm not getting a monitor tan, I enjoy trying out new restaurants with friends. I think I will stop here. It's starting to sound like a dating site bio.

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Hello and welcome~! /confetti. I empathize with missing your tail - I just found out last week Roegadyn had tails in XI and now I miss a tail I've never had ; ; Oh well, can't be helped. If you've got any questions at all or are looking for character feedback, feel free to ask here on the forums! Hope to see you and your Hyur from Limsa in game C: /claws at beta phase 4 date

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Yay! Now I have two jackets!


Thanks for the welcome, Scarlet! Roegadyn was my other choice for race. I like how they look. I would of gone with it too but Hyur just fit what back-story I had better. Hope to see you in-game, too! /comfort There, there. Just a few more weeks.

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