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Tribe of the Distant


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The speaker, a male Seeker ofthe Sun Miqo'te with black and crimson hair, approaches the crowd of his fellow Miqo'te. It seems as though his call reached them well.


"Someone once told methat we all come from dust and that one day, we'll all become dust once more. For the longest time, I didn't want to believe him. I didn't want to face the truth and see reality, if that makes sense. Then I began to notice that what he told me was more true than I had ever imagined. This discovery wasn't just from watching those around me die. We all start somewhere and, as much as we might fight it, we return to our roots at some point.


That is why I've called youhere, my brothers and sisters of the Tribes. I extend my hand, not as a Dragoon of Ishgard, not as a Gysahl. No. I extend my hand out to all of you as a proud Miqo'te. Some of us come from Tribes and some of us come from the cities, but we are all Miqo'te. Either Seeker of the Sunor Keepers of the Moon, it doesn't matter.


With that in mind, I proposea... Tribe of some sort. Not a Tribe like what we've either left or never known. It's more of an alliance. A Miqo'te Nation, if you will. Now, I must ask. Do you stand with me? Will you look to your left and right and acknowledge those around you as companions. As brothers and sisters in this fight for our lives. We are the least populous race in this land, so we need to stick together.


If you side with me, there isa basket of pearls here. Please, come take one. We'll be in touch."


The speaker takes a pearl outof the basket and turns to leave. 




  • Support those around you. You don't have to like the person or want to breed with them, just support them. We're in this together.
  • Don't try to beat the culture out of others. We're all different and unique. Just because you don't agree with tribal beliefs, doesn't mean you need to "culture" someone.



  • Really, just have fun.
  • Be respectful.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.
  • We're all adults, or teens who can act like adults, so cursing is allowed. But, try to keep it to a respectful minimum.
  • As always, if you speak OOC, use parenthesis around what you say. I purposefully set this group at a mid-range "RP Intensity" because I expect it to be a resource as well as a source of fun and exciting RP.
  • If you ever come up with a rule that's needed or something along those lines, please PM me and let me know. We'll talk about it from there.




This is filler text for now. I was thinking of doing a directory, that way everyone knows who plays who (especially useful for Alts) and so everyone can access a character's wiki really quickly. This is just mainly a thought for now.

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Hey. Definitely interested. Only dabbled in FFXI a tiny bit, and didn't commit simply because Mithra was female only (yes this was my true reason for not playing) so essentially I'm new to the overall system, but in no way shape or form new to RP. Glad to see someone beat me to the punch with a Miqote themed LS. I'm truly thrilled at the idea. Will be looking for invite on early access if possible. Thanks!

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I've officially made the Linkshell. Please inform me, via tell or pm or mail (I don't really care), that you've made your character and are still interested. If you pm me on here, please include your character's full name.

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